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Letters: Bartos Misguided, Book Review Deficient

Why is Jeff Bartos (“Jeff Bartos Announces Bid for US Senate,” March 18) still proud to say that he voted for Donald Trump?

Letters to the Editor: Evangelical Support for Israel, New York Mention Omitted

Evangelicals Misunderstood by Letter Writer I am disappointed and concerned at the limited understanding of evangelical Christians expressed in a recent letter to the Exponent...

Letters to the Editor: Teacher Gives Thanks, More on Student View

As a retired educator from the Philadelphia public schools who is also a member of the Alliance for Philadelphia Public School ...

Letters to the Editor: Remembering Rabbi Twerski

The first time I heard the name of Abraham Twerski was at a seder in Milwaukee in 1958.

Letters to the Editor: Remembering Cantors

Remembering Cantor Wall When I graduated from Hebrew High at Har Zion Temple in 1962, my class was each asked to sing a portion of...

Letters to the Editor: More Responses to Student Piece

Lifelong Democrat Shares Concern Thank you, thank you, Sophia Rodney (“I’m a Student and I’m Afraid of Where My Party Is Headed,” Jan. 28) and...

Letters to the Editor: ‘Hateful’ Torah Portion

Torah Portion Makes Hateful Generalizations Unlike most of the Torah portion submissions, Rabbi Jankovitz’ “The Question of Unity” (Jan. 28) is not a “perspective on...

Letters to the Editor: Cemeteries Need Upkeep, Intermarriage Is a Problem

More on Cemetery Issues I have been reading the Jewish Exponent for over 50 years and always see similar articles about Jewish cemeteries being neglected,...

Letters to the Editor: Debating Coverage of Interfaith Relationships

Interfaith Relationships No Call for Celebration As we settled in to the read the Dec. 10 issue, we were surprised and disappointed that there was...

Letter to the Editor: Cantor Mourns Cohen’s Death

I just picked up my Exponent and was beyond saddened to learn of the passing of Elias Cohen (“Advocate for Elderly Elias Surut Cohen...