Kvetch 'N Kvell

Letters: Tobin Overlooks, BDS a Real Threat

The opinion piece by Jonathan Tobin (“Should Everyone Be Afraid of Elon Musk Buying Twitter?”, May 4) is a remarkable piece of sophistry.

Letters: The Torah and Abortion

The op-ed by Rabbi Yaakov Menken (The Torah Is Unequivocally Pro-life,” May 12) is interesting

Kvetch ‘N Kvell: New-Look Exponent, More

Congratulations on your new format.

Kvetch ‘N Kvell

The editorial “The Battle Over Title 42“ (April 21) misrepresents the statistics.

Letters: Left Unfair

What is a glaring omission is his outrage at the left

Letters: Pro, Com AIPAC, New Exponent

The recent actions of AIPAC are disgusting.

Letters: Mischaracterized Bill, Temple Sinai

I must respond to the March 24 op-ed “Bills Attacking LGBTQ Rights Are an Assault on Jewish Values."

Letters: Heed SPJ’s Intentions, US Negligent on Ukraine

The only solution that Students for Justice in Palestine want for Israel is a Final Solution.

Letters: Extra Evidence Needed, GOP Kool-Aid

Emet is a strong Jewish value, as is refraining from lashon hara.

Kvetch ‘N Kvell: On Students, Exponent Sale, More

I agree with Samuel Abrams (“High School Should Be Upsetting,” March 3); students must be exposed to a variety of ideas.