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Letters: Farewell Roz, Holocaust Education, More

That was a very nice article about Roz Bratt and the closing of her bakery on Fifth Street.

Conversion Students are Asking Me If it’s Safe to Become Jewish. This is What...

“Rabbi Adar, is it dangerous to wear my Jewish star?”

Don’t Wait for War to Defend Israel

Streets in large and small cities throughout America have been the scene of anti-Israel/anti-Jewish demonstrations.

Israel Slandered When Described as an Apartheid State

Penn has more than 600 student organizations — a laudable source of pride for our school.

Jews Always Speak Up for Everyone Else. Now’s the Time to Stand Up for...

In the 1960s, the Communist Party cut the Russian Jews off from the Jewish people.

Eshel’s Welcoming Shuls Project

Eshel was founded in 2010 by Co-directors Miryam Kabakov and Rabbi Steve Greenberg.

One-and-a-Half Minutes

Ninety seconds is my new measure of time.

The Danger of That #nosejob Trend on TikTok

Don’t get me wrong, I love my “Jewish nose.”

Combating Surging Antisemitism Demands Vigilance and Fearlessness

By Shira Goodman and Jeremy Bannett Eighty-eight years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously proclaimed, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”...

Trail of Misinformation Aims to Divide Supporters of Israel and of Social Justice

The Jewish communities’ participation in the racial reckoning undertaken by our nation over the past year may be the most important social justice work we’ve done in the last half century.