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Calling Any Jewish Woman a ‘JAP’ is Offensive — But Not for the Reason...

By Ivy Humbarger The term “Jewish American Princess” has been debated within Jewish communities for as long as it has existed. Many bemoan it for...

Writing Poetry Helps Me Process the Holocaust’s Unspeakable Evils

By Menachem Z. Rosensaft Not long after the gruesome reality of the Holocaust had burst onto the world’s consciousness, the philosopher and social theorist Theodor...
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Israel Should Help All Palestinians Get Vaccinated — Obligation or Not

By Matan Arad-Neeman While the world tries to quickly and safely vaccinate as many people as possible against COVID-19, I’ve watched a particularly inane legal...

Philadelphia Models Brotherly Love, Sisterly Affection When it Fights Anti-Semitism

By Jim Kenney and Marcia Bronstein In recent years, Philadelphia has witnessed its share of alarming incidents of hate targeting Jews. A man etched Nazi...
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What It’s Like to Celebrate Passover in Prison

By Christopher Blackwell Over the past few years, I have been honored and blessed to experience — with good friends — some Jewish traditions and...

Letters: Bartos Misguided, Book Review Deficient

Why is Jeff Bartos (“Jeff Bartos Announces Bid for US Senate,” March 18) still proud to say that he voted for Donald Trump?

Asian Americans Carry Generational Trauma. We Need to Talk About It

Many in the Northern California community may know me as Berkeley’s elected city auditor.

LGBTQ People Lack Full Legal Protections in Every State. Jews Need to Be Part...

In the 1980s, Dennis Neill, an employee of our family business, came out as gay to my late father, Charles Schusterman

NMAJH Set to Rebound in 2021

On March 3, 2020 — just over a year ago — I wrote a piece for this very publication entitled “Is American Jewish History Worth Telling?”

Letters to the Editor: Evangelical Support for Israel, New York Mention Omitted

Evangelicals Misunderstood by Letter Writer I am disappointed and concerned at the limited understanding of evangelical Christians expressed in a recent letter to the Exponent...