Abraham Zarem, One of the Last Surviving Manhattan Project Scientists, Dies at 106

Abraham Zarem was 28 when he joined the Manhattan Project.

Chaim Topol, Israeli Actor Who Played Tevye in 1971 ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Film,...

Chaim Topol won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of an immigrant to Israel ...

Bob Born, Jewish Maker of Peeps Marshmallow Candies, Dies at 98

Ira “Bob” Born, the son of a Russian Jewish immigrant ...

Disc Jockey Jerry Blavat Dies at 82

Jerry Blavat, a legendary disc jockey and music impresario

Adolfo Kaminsky, French Resistance Forger Who Saved Thousands During the Holocaust, Dies at 97

Adolfo Kaminsky, the French-Jewish photographer, forger, smuggler and resistance fighter ...
Sybil Klein is a white woman with short, ginger hair smiling at the camera.

Navy Analyst, Restaurant Owner Sybil Klein Dies at 86

Navy analyst and restaurant owner Sybil Klein died of respiratory failure at Jefferson Abington Hospital on Dec. 13. She was 86. Klein and husband Robert...

Philadelphia Ad Man Steve Levine Dies at 84

Steve Levine was such a successful ad man that, when the television series “Mad Men” became a hit, The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed him about...
Ernie Kahn, a white man with grey hair and mustache, is wearing a suit and sitting behind his desk.

Ernie Kahn, Jewish Federation Executive for 36 Years, Dies at 96

Former Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia executive and Gratz College President Ernest “Ernie” Kahn died on Oct. 11. The Center City resident was 96. During...

Holocaust Survivor Yvonne Sytner Lutzner Dies at 87

By all accounts, Yvonne Sytner Lutzner was a “beautiful, charming and magnetic” woman. As her daughter Jodie Garay explained, “There was something about her....

Philadelphia Rabbinic Leader Dov Ahron Brisman Dies at 69

Yaacov Mayer Brisman is sure that his father, Rabbi Dov Ahron Brisman, must have slept at some point; he just can’t remember him ever...