While US Officials Plan to Boycott Beijing Olympics, Israeli Officials Expected to Attend

Israeli officials are expected to attend the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing next year, unlike their American counterparts.

Israeli Woman Stabbed Near East Jerusalem Neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah

An Israeli woman was stabbed by a Palestinian teenage girl near the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah Wednesday morning.

Palestinian Car Ramming Attack Injures Israeli Border Guard

A Palestinian teenager rammed a car into an Israeli border police officer at a checkpoint early Monday morning.

Israeli Man Stabbed by Palestinian in Jerusalem, Assailant Shot Dead

A Palestinian man was killed by Israel’s border police after he stabbed an Orthodox Jew near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City Saturday.

Is the Biden-Bennett Honeymoon Over? Here Are Six Issues Raising Tensions

“Behind closed doors” is a phrase that crops up a lot in conversation with senior U.S. and Israeli officials these days.

Israel’s Health Minister Wants to Make it Easier for Women to Get Abortions

Israel’s health minister laid out his plans to simplify what he called Israel’s “chauvinistic” abortion process on Wednesday.

Study: Tel Aviv the World’s Most Expensive City to Live in

Tel Aviv is now the world’s most expensive city to live in — and the reason why is tied in part to Israel’s successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Tourists Barred From Traveling to Israel for Two Weeks as Country Monitors Omicron

Israel will bar all non-citizens from entering the country for at least two weeks due to concern about the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus

Poll: Less Than Half of Jewish Israelis Support a Mandatory Army Draft

A new poll conducted in Israel found that more Israelis support professionalizing the army and abolishing the draft than opposed that idea.
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Remains of Seven Jewish COVID-19 Victims Transferred From Morocco to Israel for Reburial

The bodies of seven Moroccan-Jewish COVID-19 victims were flown to Israel last week after being interred in a Casablanca Jewish cemetery.