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RBG Inspiration for Student’s Poem

By Rebecca Simpson Homes go quiet across the nation. A sudden death brings devastation. A woman brings sharp ideas into the hemispheres. And though RBG has left this...

On a ‘Fiddler’ Film Remake

By Steven Chervin In a recent article ("Fans React to News of 'Fiddler' Remake," by Sophie Panzer, June 19, 2020), several commentators expressed opposition to...

On Jewish White Privilege

By Shira Grife In the past few weeks, familiar childhood tropes of white Jewish oppression have filled my Instagram feed in response to the Black...

Tug at My Tallis

By Abbie Stein The High Holidays were always a very special time for my family. It was a time for togetherness. There was a special calmness...

Creating and Sustaining Shalom Bayit During Quarantine and Beyond

BY AMY ALFRED Shalom bayit is the Jewish religious concept of domestic harmony and good relations between husband and wife. Literally meaning peace or harmony...
farmer hands take care and protect young little sprout plant in the soil ground

Jewish Farmer Network Embraces Tradition

By Maya Kassutto It seems like every family I know has a garden this year. Everyone and their mother (and maybe especially the mothers) is...
Girl Putting Picture Of Rainbow In Window At Home During Coronavirus Pandemic To Entertain Children

When a Community Shines Through a Calamity

By Rebecca Shaid and Devora Solomon There is no doubt that everyone is being affected by the loss and extreme change occurring in our country...
Gratz Ulpan 1977 Trip

Gratz College 1977 Ulpan Trip Hosts Digital Reunion

By Tali Segal Eighty-one students, ages 15-17, and their families gathered in the Gratz College parking lot, along with four leaders and Gratz administrators. The...
Ruthie Meles

Did Quarantine Make Passover Easier?

By Ruthie Meles Ma nishtanah halailah hazeh: Why is this night different from all other nights? This is a question asked annually at the Passover...
Rear view of happy mother and daughter standing embracing at window. Senior and mid adult women hugging and talking at home. Family relationships concept

A Grandmother’s Lesson

By Jennifer Groen Since COVID-19 befell us, I, like so many, have been sheltering in place. I am home with my three children, my husband,...