Reader Contributions

On the Wings of Eagles

What a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan.

My Dad and Tu B’Shevat

Tu B’Shevat is almost here.

Never Again: American Jews and the IDF

My grandfather was a prisoner in Auschwitz for 3½ years.

Keeping Our Balance as Social Action Committee Chairs

As the Social Action chairs for Congregation Beth Or ... we paused simultaneously with expressions of wow.

We Never Expected What We Found at Our Family’s Gravesite

“Oh, my God!,” my sister Jody shouted. “There’s a homeless person sleeping here.”

The Jewish Split: Then and Now

Will some of my fellow Jews ever learn that autocrats are not our friends

Judaic Incunabula: An Evening’s Encounter With Survivors From My Distant Past

I recently spent an evening of wonder and reflection in the company of several Judaic incunabula.

Hebron Forever

One of the most disappointing outcomes that occurred during the pandemic was the tradition of our school going to Israel.

Is the Full Moon Really So Bad? Passover and the Jewish Calendar Prove Otherwise

Since antiquity, we generally associate the full moon with trouble.

Let’s Give Passover the Respect it Deserves

In the interest of full disclosure, I confess that, when I was a child, Passover was easily my favorite holiday.