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In 1992, Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon Starred in ‘School Ties’ Movie About Antisemitism

After a long career pause brought on by an assault-induced depression and injuries.
A jar lid of jam with a pumpkin on it reads, "SHANAH TOVAH. Tunisian Pumpkin Jam. Refrigerate after opening.

Synagogue Hopes For Jam-packed Sweet New Year

This year, Beth David Reform Congregation wanted to ring in the new year a little differently than with just apples and honey. Last week, members...

Historians React to Ken Burns’ Holocaust Documentary

If there’s one thing that Ken Burns’, Sarah Botstein's and Lynn Novick's new docuseries “The U.S. and The Holocaust” makes clear, it’s that Franklin...

New Indie Production Company Leviathan Will Make Jewish Stories for Film, TV

A new independent production company aims to “ensure the Jewish tradition is carried forward” on TV and film.

Theater Maven to Bring Mentor Al Hirschfeld Back to Life

David Leopold has a simple explanation for the unexpected way his life has played out.


In the new play “The Bisley Boy” about Irish author Bram Stoker, writer of “Dracula,” it is Stoker’s wife Florence who finds her voice,...

Ken Burns’ PBS Documentary Asks Hard Questions About How Americans Treated Jews

One of the first people introduced in Ken Burns’ new documentary series about the Holocaust is Otto.
Sasha Zeiger is a white woman with long, curly hair wearing a long, orange cardigan standing in front of an exposed brick wall, which displays her paintings.

You Should Know…Sasha Zeiger

Where were you when you first watched Dreamworks’ 1998 film “The Prince of Egypt’’?  If you’re a millennial, the answer to that question is vivid...

Julia Garner and Brett Goldstein Repeat as Jewish Emmy Winners

Julia Garner and Brett Goldstein were the big Jewish Emmy winners Monday night
Isaac Blum is a white man with straight, light brown hair. He is wearing a grey Oxford shirt and standing outside.

You Should Know…Isaac Blum

He’s an author — not an architect — but Isaac Blum is concerned with windows and mirrors nonetheless. In his debut novel, “The Life and...