Amazon Won’t Pull Antisemitic Movie Promoted by Kyrie Irving, Jewish CEO says

Bucking weeks of public pressure ...

Ye Suspended Again From Twitter After Posting Swastika

Two weeks after returning from a suspension ...
a strand of DNA

A German Town Built a Granary Atop its Jewish Cemetery. The Bones Are Yielding...

The city of Erfurt in central Germany is home to an impeccably restored medieval synagogue.

SoFi Pulls Ad After Criticism That it Features an Antisemitic Stereotype

Rhonda Moore was alarmed when she saw the ad ...

Netanyahu on Trump’s Dinner: ‘He Shouldn’t Do That’

Benjamin Netanyahu said the former president’s dinner a week ago ...
Emma Chasen has long, dark hair and a sleeve of tattoos. She is wearing bright red glasses and smiling at the camera.

You Should Know…Emma Chasen

Shabbat doesn’t always look like a quiet dinner with candle lighting and prayers over wine and bread. Sometimes, it looks like a Free Britney...
A row of gravestones are tilted and broken.

Friends of Jewish Cemeteries Completes Second Phase of Restoration Project

Friends of Jewish Cemeteries restored and repaired 27 gravestones at Har Nebo Cemetery in Oxford Circle last month. The effort is phase two of the...

Jewish Players and Storylines to Watch in 2022 World Cup

It’s a World Cup like no other in recent memory.
A group of four people stand outside underneath a large sun umbrella.

Spruce Street Minyan a Patchwork of Young Jews

If the United States is the “melting pot” — a combination of disparate traditions and cultures blended into one — then perhaps Spruce Street...

Jewish Passengers Booted Off Lufthansa Flight in May Are Getting $20K Payouts

Nearly seven months after they were denied boarding ...

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