Ben & Jerry’s Owner Reaches Deal to Keep Ice Cream in Israel and the...

Ben & Jerry’s will continue to be made and sold in Israel and the West Bank.

101-year-old Former Nazi Death Camp Guard Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

The oldest former Nazi camp guard ever put on trial in Germany has been sentenced to five years in prison..

Supreme Court Decision Throws Doubt on 30-year-old Victory for Jewish Family

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Seattle-area football coach who lost his job after leading prayers.

Israel Eases Restrictions on Ending Pregnancies

Israelis seeking to end pregnancies will no longer be required to appear before an approval committee ...

Porto Jewish Community Calls Portugal’s Criminal Probe Into its Actions ‘Holocaust Against Families’

The head of the Jewish Community of Porto, Portugal said that a criminal investigation ...

Two Officers Stabbed Outside Grand Synagogue in Tunisia

Two policemen standing guard at the Grand Synagogue in Tunis were stabbed on Thursday. 

UN Concludes Israeli Military Killed Palestinian Journalist, Israel Fights the Claim

The U.N. Human Rights Office concluded that a Palestinian-American journalist was killed by Israeli security forces.

‘After Shabbat, We Will Act’: American Jews Gear Up for Post-Roe Activism

An array of Jewish groups across the country are kickstarting into action.

Zelensky Singles Out Israel for Refusing to Join International Sanctions Against Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Israel to join the countries that have placed sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Twenty-four Democratic Senators Urge Biden to Investigate Palestinian Journalist’s Death

Just under half of all Democratic senators seek United States involvement in the investigation of the death of a Palestinian journalist