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The Best Chanukah Menorahs on the Internet

Every year, I tell myself I have enough menorahs.

Bensalem Synagogue Receives Pro-Israel Gesture from Nearby Church

In Bensalem, Congregation Tifereth Israel and the Christian Life Church are around the corner from each other. Yet until recently, they had no relationship....

Wrestling the Blessings Out of Our Fears

In this week’s Torah portion ...

Our Kids Know About Our Chanukah Gift Budget. It Doesn’t Ruin the Magic

The holiday season has arrived in full force ...

War Increases Interest in Chanukah Gifts

Recent events in the world ...

The Lead Role in Our Stories

My fourth year of rabbinical school ...

Kol Tzedek Rabbis and Congregants Join Cease-fire Actions

Synagogues throughout the Philadelphia area have expressed support for Israel since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack. Many sent busloads of people to Washington, D.C.,...

Pennsylvania Unlikely to Move its Primary Date Off of Passover

As it stands right now, Pennsylvania is unlikely to move its primary date from April 23, the first day of Passover. The Pennsylvania Senate and...

Israelis Are Going Forward With Their Weddings Despite War and Loss in Their Families

Yonatan Perez was 10 days out from getting married ...

Brotherly Love (or Not)?

There are two brothers who lived on the sides of the same mountain.