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painting of people at a wedding in a graveyard

History’s Lessons: Jewish Couple Wed in Graveyard to Stop 1918 Flu Pandemic

The wedding of Harry Rosenberg and Fanny Jacobs was unusual for several reasons. For one, the bride and groom didn’t know each other prior to...

The Day We Stop in the Name of Love

By Rabbi Shawn Zevit Shemini Atzeret “On the eighth day (of Sukkot), you will have a holy day ... it is a day of cessation, of...
zoom panel of people with open mouths

With Zoom Singing a Bust, Choirs Get Creative About Joining Voices

After 52 people in Washington state became infected with coronavirus during a choir rehearsal in March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published...
Torah scroll

Making the Most of Sukkot

By Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner Sukkot These are tough times for everyone. Only two weeks ago, we recited “who shall live and who shall die.” This...

First Person: On Rosh Hashanah, I Didst Laugh

A stranger tells Sarah that she’s going to have a baby, and she laughs; it’s well past the time for such things. When God...

Our Torah ‘Inner Ear’ Equilibrium

By Rabbi Eric Yanoff Parshat Ha’azinu What day is it again? Where am I? Where should I be? Time in quarantine can be a bit disorienting, wouldn’t...
shofar next to siddur

Shanah Tovah! A Message From the Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia

The Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia On Rosh Hashanah eve, Sephardic communities recite a liturgical poem called “Ahot Ketanah.” Each stanza closes with the...
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Breaking Down the Boxes

By Rabbi Tsurah August Parshat Nitzavim – Vayeilech “You are standing today, all of you, before Hashem your God: the heads of your tribes, your elders,...
woman and child in masks outdoors at table with boxes

High Holiday Kits Turn Homes Into Sanctuaries

Candles. Honey. Challah. Decorations. These are just some of the items being packed into boxes and bags at synagogues across the country this fall. The packages...
boys in masks in synagogue sanctuary

Some Philly-Area Shuls Are Planning for In-Person High Holiday Services

The mystics teach that on Rosh Hashanah, God pauses to reflect on creation, and the universe enters a state of suspended animation. In that...