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‘Nay Leaven’d Bread Shalt Beest Eaten’ Author Martin Bodek Has a Shakespearean Twist on...

Wherefore is this Haggadah diff’rent from all oth’r Haggadahs?

Beyond the Golden Calf: Normalizing Art in the Jewish Tradition

About 30 years ago, I was invited to participate in an interfaith Thanksgiving service.

YOU SHOULD KNOW…Rabbinical Student Stephanie Breitsman, Inspector of Torah Scrolls

God may have inspired the Torah, but the creator did not actually write the book. That was a human being. Stephanie Breitsman, 32, probably...

At the End of a Northeast Philadelphia Street, a Basement Synagogue Pulsates with Life

About 90% of Jews in America and the Philadelphia area are Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist or unaffiliated. So when the Jewish Exponent calls this section...

Delaware Area Study Reveals Uncertain State of Jewish Community

According to the 2022 Community Study of Jewish Delaware and the Brandywine Valley, 93% of Delaware area Jews feel a sense of belonging to...

In Orthodox Communities Where Women Don’t Read Torah, Purim Offers a Rare Opportunity

When Alyza Lewin became a bat mitzvah in 1977 ...

Sarajevo Jews Celebrate a Second Purim. For Centuries, They Weren’t Alone.

Starting tonight, many Jews around the world will celebrate Purim ...

Drunken Chocolate-Cherry Hamantaschen for Purim

As a kid in my mother’s house ...
A group of costumed people pose for a picture.

What Makes for a Good Spiel? Clergy Members Prep for Purim

For the Jewish month of Adar, the Talmud encourages Jewish people to greet the month with an increase of joy and celebration, culminating with...

Dressing for the Occasion

When did “clothes make the man” come into our vocabulary ...