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After? Getting Past, or Going Through

Is there really an “after” in this life?

Congregation Brothers of Israel Welcoming to All

People have different reasons for joining Congregation Brothers of Israel, but ultimately they have the same reason. The congregants at the Conservative synagogue in Newtown...

Passover: Renewed and New Meanings

What do you remember most vividly about your earliest seder experience?

Or Zarua a Spiritual Home for Boomers

For baby boomers whose kids are older now, synagogue is less of a necessity. They do not need a preschool, a religious school and...
Rabbi Eli Gurevitz is a white man with a long, dark beard wearing a black suit and hat. He is surrounded by a few children and onlookers as he tends to a small fire in his driveway.

Spring Cleaning for Chametz a ‘Labor of Love’

Right about now, the backyards of some Jewish households are becoming five-star restaurants for Philadelphia’s squirrels, birds and deer. Leavened cookies, cakes and bread buried...

And On That Day You Will Tell Your Child …

Of all the great seder experiences I have had, the year that sticks in my mind is 2006.

Ambler Synagogue Growing Fast

When Darchei Noam opened in Ambler last summer, its leaders expected maybe 100 people to join the new community. More than a year later, the...
In a dark room, Shabbat candles are being lit by a white woman. A person is standing next to her in the background.

Permanent Daylight Saving Proposal an Inconvenience for Orthodox Communities

With the phrase “Jewish Standard Time” — which suggests a (stereotyped) propensity to show up to an event 15 minutes late — Jews have...

The Warning of Shabbat HaGadol

We are approaching Pesach, and Jewish tradition marks the approach with a special Haftarah.

Passover Desserts Put to the (Taste) Test

Passover starts in a week, which means it’s almost time to eat matzah pizza for every meal. OK then, that’s a tasty unleavened option for...