Israeli Supreme Court: State Must Grant Citizenship to Non-Orthodox Jewish Converts in Israel

Israel must grant citizenship to Jews who converted to Judaism in Israel under non-Orthodox auspices, its Supreme Court ruled Monday, possibly igniting another round in the long-running government battle over who the state should recognize as Jewish.

Israel to Pay $50M to Families of Children Who Disappeared in State’s Early Years

The Israeli government approved a plan Monday to provide compensation of up to $60,000 to some of the families of children who went missing while in state care in the 1950s. 

Shlomo Hillel, Who Spearheaded Mass Aliyah of Iraqi Jews, Dies at 97

Shlomo Hillel’s life spanned the length and breadth of Israel’s immigrant story and he played a critical role in many of its chapters.

AJC Wants ‘Saturday Night Live’ to Apologize for Vaccine Joke

The American Jewish Committee is circulating a petition asking “Saturday Night Live” to apologize for a joke that suggested Israel is vaccinating only its Jewish population.

Netanyahu: Equatorial Guinea to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Equatorial Guinea is the latest country that plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Suspected Oil Spill May Be Worst in Israel’s History

Israel closed its Mediterranean beaches to deal with what its officials say may be the worst oil spill in the country’s history.

Biden and Netanyahu Speak for an Hour

President Joe Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nearly a month into his first term — a time frame that drew criticism from Republicans for its length.

Israel Briefly Reopens Ben Gurion Airport for 302 Immigrants From Ethiopia

Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport reopened briefly on Friday for 302 new immigrants from Ethiopia, including a 6-year-old boy in need of emergency heart surgery.

Report: One in 73 Haredi Orthodox Israelis over 65 Dead From COVID

One in 73 haredi Orthodox Jews in Israel over the age of 65 has died of COVID in the past year

Israeli Company Makes 3-D-printed Ribeye Steak

This isn’t your grandfather’s steak.