Letters: No Labels, Death Toll

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No Labels Not Nonpartisan
I am appalled that The Jewish Exponent would write a favorable editorial about No Labels (“No Labels Fights Back,” Jan. 25).

It is a dark-money group funded by Harlan Crow, a collector of Nazi memorabilia, who also has been lavishly gifting Clarence Thomas. The intent of No Labels is to offer a third-party candidate to take votes away from President Biden and ensure a victory for Trump.

No Label is already on the ballot in 14 states. They pretend to be nonpartisan but refuse to disclose their donors. Mother Jones in June of 2023 uncovered some of the donors through tax returns, mostly wealthy business executives, like Tom McInerney, a private-equity investor. He has given $100,000 to the RNC and $200,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, as well as $250,000 in 2021 to fundraising committees of Kevin McCarthy. In 2021 No Labels raised $11.3 million, 21% of which was given to Insurance Policy for America, which shares the same address as No Labels.

No Labels is clearly not a nonpartisan group as they claim. Any group that will not disclose its benefactors has something to hide.

Sandra Folzer | Philadelphia

Low Death Toll Not a Bragging Point
I’m not commenting on Israel’s conduct of its war nor on the double standards of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice. However, I’m disturbed that Alan Dershowitz (“Civilian Deaths in Gaza: Relatively Low,” Feb. 1) seems proud that the civilian death toll in Gaza is “among the lowest in history of comparable warfare.”

No one knows how many of the 26,000-plus dead Gazans were civilians or fighters. However, I’ve seen enough photos and videos to know that an enormous number of human beings were killed as they went about their daily lives. We Jews should hold aloft the expression “he who saves one life saves the world” instead of conducting a bragging contest that Israel’s defensive war has produced an extremely low civilian death toll.

Paul L. Newman | Merion Station


  1. Mr. Newman all war causes civilian casualties including this war on the Hamas barbarians who slaughtered civilians in a manner that would make the Nazi’s blush. The Israelis have two choices here. Enter Gaza in order to destroy the savages who tortured over 1,200 innocent civilians while at the same time attempting to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties, or sit on their hands waiting for the next atrocity against their people. The false choice here of saving one life doesn’t apply.The only choice is does Israel sit by as the Hamas terrorists continue their barbarity or destroy the perpetrators before they complete their genocide of our fellow Jews? I’m with Dershowitz, who are you with?


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