Letters: Playing the Trump Card

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Your editorial admonishes Sen. Lindsey Graham for flipping on the Israeli aid package (“What Is Sen. Lindsey Graham Thinking?”, Feb. 29) and accuses him of contorting his policy views to fit with the whim-of-the-day pronouncements of Donald Trump. But is it just Trump dictating the policy?

You again repeat the canard that the compromise border deal failed at the direction of the former president. This, however, is patently false, and merely media spin on the facts. A groundswell of fierce opposition to the compromise had been brewing by conservative-populist forces well before Trump chimed in. Maybe, just maybe, this 300-plus-page deal had some irreconcilable flaws totally unacceptable to reasonable minds on the other side.
The mere fact that Trump is for or against something does not determine its validity on the merits.

Ronald H. Beifeld, Conshohocken


  1. After over three years of an open border policy, the president suddenly decided to act to limit the damages his policies produced. Just coincidentally the presidential election is just months away and the illegals invading our country is now the number issue on the minds of the voters. Elect Biden and we’re back to no borders and no control on who and how many enter this country. Donald Trump is the whipping boy for the Democrats who have nothing but fear itself to run on. The mere fact that Donald Trump is for border control should not be the deciding factor, the insanity and damages being imposed on us should be.


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