Kvetch ‘N Kvell: Exponent Praise, Doctor Praise


Why, Thank You
Shalom. I have read some issues of your newspaper which came to me via a neighbor with a daughter in Philadelphia. I found several articles, particularly on Israel, informative and interesting. The Torah portions are always relevant and on target. Thank you for such good journalism at this time. It is appreciated.

Shana Tova Umetuka to you and your readers. Be safe.

Livia Shagam, Monroe Township, New Jersey

True Philadelphia Treasure
You recently wrote an article (“Doctor Takes on Vital Role During COVID Crisis,” Aug. 12) about the outstanding job Dr. Steven Sivak and Einstein Hospital on North Broad Street have done dispensing the COVID-19 vaccines.

The article stressed his age at 68 years. His 68 is the new 38. My family and I are blessed to be Sivak’s patients, as were my late parents — he has treated four generations of us. Not only is he a one-in-a-million doctor and human being, he is humble and treats everyone with respect — answering emails and texts at all hours. Moreover, Einstein is filled with great doctors. A true Philadelphia treasure.

Lynne Lechter | King of Prussia


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