Triple Threat Salad

I have written before about a Turkish onion salad that is versatile, simple to make and is adaptable with different ingredients.
Tova du Plessis is a short, white woman with short hair and bangs wearing a pink t-shirt working in an industrial kitchen, holding a large mixing bowl.

Essen Pastry Chef Tova du Plessis ‘Beat Bobby Flay’

Pastry chef Tova du Plessis has kept a secret for more than two years. At the end of 2019, du Plessis, owner of the South...

The Many Lives of a Sufganiyah: Celebrating Doughnut Diversity for Chanukah

Gefüllte krapfen” isn’t exactly a German phrase that whets one’s appetite. In fact, the Hebrew “sufganiyot” rolls off the tongue much more smoothly. But each...

Dispatches from Italia on Jewish Food

On a recent trip to Italy, I uncovered some culinary gems that say grazie to both the past and present Jewish communities.

Nuts for Hazelnuts

While traveling in Italy this fall, I visited the Piedmont region in the country’s northwest part.

Thanksgiving Sides — Elegant, Trendy, Kosher

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving because it invites all Americans to the table, regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

Southern Fried Chicken and Carrot Slaw

I had a hankering for fried chicken last week. This happens about once a year.

Soy-Lime Braised Chicken

A friend texted me a link to a recipe recently with the message, “Make this.” I love my friends.

A Life-Changing Do-ahead Kitchen Hack

We’ve all seen those memes of moms who go on “vacation” with the family only to spend time cooking and cleaning in a poorly equipped kitchen, while the rest of the clan swims, sunbathes, hikes and canoes.

Garlic — October’s Delicious Secret

Because you can buy perfectly pungent garlic all year, who knew the tastiest garlic of the year is flooding markets this month?