Passover: Please Pass the Flounder

This meal is great year-round, but it works well for Passover.
Henry Morgan, standing in a kitchen with his arms crossed, is a white man with short, black hair and mustache wearing all black and smiling.

You Should Know…Henry Morgan

Chef Henry Morgan is right back where he started, and he couldn’t be happier about it.  On March 15, the CookNSolo alumnus cut the ribbon...

Passover, Indian Style

This meal is tasty, healthy and offers some variety from the usual, though delicious, Passover fare.

Pasta for Dinner

I love pasta.

A Persian Purim Menu

During childhood, when many of us ate hamantaschen and dressed in costumes at Purim.

Get a Jump on Passover with an Easy Brisket Dinner

Tami Rona, a spunky grandma from New Jersey, shared with me a few of her family’s favorite dishes.

Dinner with a Nod to China

This dinner came together rather nicely last week. I had some salmon, bok choy, leftover brown rice and leftover roasted kabocha squash.

Pudding: Love in a Bowl

Pudding is an underrated dessert.

Cut Down on Cooking Time

“I wish I could prepare food faster,” says a friend.
Amanda Shulman, a white woman with dark haired tied back wearing a chef coat and dark apron, is preparing to plate her dish in an array of white bowls laid out in front of her.

Philly Faces: Amanda Shulman

Amanda Shulman, 29, grew up eating Shabbat dinner with her family almost every week. It was such a sacred time that her parents imposed...