Your Giving Changes Lives


As 2021 comes to a close, your generosity has impacted countless lives from around the world through supporting the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. The quotes below share how just some of those lives have been uplifted and irrevocably changed over the past year through the Jewish Federation’s funded services, programs and organizations. You can help change even more lives by making a gift to the Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Fund. Visit or call 215-832-3484 to make your gift before year’s end.

Leah Koontz, South Philadelphia director of Makom

“This year is my first in the role of South Philly Director at Makom Community, a brand new location. Over the past few months, I have observed program attendees, campers, students, and their families connect to their identities in this co-created environment which is uniquely suited for them. Reaching all these now engaged families in South Philly is made possible by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.”

  • Leah Koontz, South Philadelphia director of Makom





Eden Saunders, Diller Teen Fellows graduate

“When I started Diller Teen, I had a strong connection with my Jewish identity and Israel. However, through Diller I have found a group of teens my age that I relate to. This has helped me learn so much about not just Judaism, but also things that go along with Judaism, like social justice, the environment and so much more. Diller has definitely helped me learn, grow and connect with my Jewish identity.”

  • Eden Saunders, Diller Teen Fellows graduate




Avi from Israel, Leket recipient

“If not for the food that I receive through Leket Israel, I don’t know if I would have survived through these past few months. Some days, this food is the only food I eat all day.”

  • Avi from Israel, Leket recipient






Zhanna from Ukraine, JDC recipient. Courtesy of JDC

“I have lived through a famine and through World War II. But the isolation of lockdown has been the most difficult time of all. I truly feel that you care about me. Thank you for keeping me alive and keeping me sane!”

  • Zhanna from Ukraine, JDC recipient

Thank you for helping to bring hope to thousands of lives in our Jewish communities locally and around the world.



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