Letters: Missing History, Rabbi on Target


Story Left Out Part of History
I enjoyed Sasha Rogelberg’s piece on Beth Sholom Congregation (“Beth Sholom Congregation Celebrates Storied Roots,” June 8). However, I was disappointed that there was no mention of Beth Sholom’s merger (acquisition) of the West Oak Lane Jewish Community Center. Isn’t that also a part of Beth Sholom’s history?

I grew up attending the JCC, where I had my bar mitzvah, and where I attended services before it “merged” with Beth Sholom. At one time, it was a strong, vibrant temple and an important part of Jewish Philadelphia. Unfortunately, it was forced to close because of “problems” in the neighborhood, and it was taken over by Beth Sholom.

Indeed, in all the years that I have been reading the Exponent, I cannot recall any mention of the West Oak Lane JCC, which was an important part of my life and my family’s life. It is almost like it never existed. Sad.

Jeffrey Philip Paul | Lancaster

Rabbi Was Right
The opinions expressed by Rabbi Charles Arian (“How Voluntary Were Those Voluntary Prayers?”, July 7) were spot on. I wonder if the justices on the Supreme Court would have issued the same ruling had the coach been Jewish.

Abbe Miller Pescatore | Havertown


  1. I think it is incredibly inappropriate that the Exponent would post a poll on their website asking whether or not a 10 year old should have her rapists baby. This is an incredibly sensitive topic to make something so casual. Also, why is the Exponent letting people weigh in on this child victim?


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