Letters: Dangerous Views on Christian Zionism


I was appalled at the naivety and sheer ignorance of Irit Tratt’s contention that Israel should cozy up to and has a greater ally in fundamentalist Christians in the United States than we American Jews (Opinions, “Why Christian Zionism Is More Important Than We Think,” Dec. 22).

Does she have any notion as to why such conservative Christians back Israel? It certainly is not out of fondness for the Jewish people, as here oblique reference to “some troubling trends among their youth” seemingly acknowledges. Her views are dangerous and encourage a rift between Israeli and Diaspora Jews which in the long run will bear poisonous fruit that both will rue.

Israel is not above reproach or questioning, and those who cotton favor from its fanboys with agendas all their own for its future are very misguided at best.

Lawrence A. Serlin/Havertown


  1. Mr. Serlin, do you really know why Christian Zionists support Israel? I don’t think you have a clue and your nasty view of them is very misplaced.

    • Yes I do. They think Israel is their ticket to rapturing themselves up to heaven in the end of days. And the Jews will be left behind to die in the Armageddon. Please tell me how I’m misinformed.

  2. Every time I wonder why the Left has been in power in Israel for only 8 years since 1977, I read an article like this and the answer becomes apparent.

  3. I’m not a Biblical scholar but I doubt that’s the real or only reason you dislike them so much. They believe that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who condemn Israel will be condemned by God. Which group do you fall into?


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