JE Podcast: West Philadelphia Rabbi Alissa Wise Continues to Speak Out Against Israel

Rabbi Alissa Wise (Jess Benjamin)

Rabbi Alissa Wise spoke at the Palestinian Day of Solidarity on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps on Nov. 29. The West Philadelphia-based organizer has been an activist for the Palestinian cause for more than two decades. Currently, she is serving as lead organizer of Rabbis for Ceasefire, a group of Jewish spiritual leaders who oppose the war between Israel and Hamas.

At her speech on Nov. 29, Rabbi Wise expressed two bold stances: Zionism was a political movement separate from the Jewish religion and the lesson of the Holocaust was not that Jews needed their own state. She came on The Jewish Exponent Podcast to discuss those stances.


  1. 21st century “diasporism” is just a cover for progressive politics to hate on Israel. More than half of world Jewry lives in Israel. It’s a pity that a rabbi loves progressive politics more than she loves her fellow Jew.

  2. The world is against this war – the whole world – not “haters” but simply because it is wrong .
    The ridiculous idea that a people can be subjugated but overbearing military violence has been proven wrong on so many occasions , a prime examole of the overthrowing of the British Imperial forces by the founding fathers and people of the United States of America .
    Violence will always begat violence , point hinale !


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