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Jared Solomon is wearing a blue suit and tie and speaking into a microphone at a legislative session.

Jewish Leaders Address 2024 Primary Election Scheduled for Passover

For the upcoming presidential primary, some Philadelphia Jews worry they may have to sacrifice their civic duties for their religious ones. Pennsylvania, as well as...
Chaim Levin is a white man with short, dark hair and cropped beard and glasses wearing a pink dress shirt and jacket.

You Should Know…Chaim Levin

With a name like Chaim Levin, it’s nearly impossible not to be associated with a Jewish identity. For the Levin in question, a 33-year-old living...
Gail Norry is a white woman with long, wavy blonde hair wearing a grey suit and standing smiling on front of a yellow background.

Last Word: Jewish Federation Co-Chair Gail Norry Leads Jewishly, Inside and Outside the Home

Though she spends her days at work committed to Jewish community growth, the love of Judaism doesn’t stop at Gail Norry’s doorstep. The co-chair of...

Local Camps Seeing High Demand Post COVID

At the beginning of March, the Foundation for Jewish Camp released its 2022 Census/State of Jewish Camp Report. Using data from 246 day and...
Roberta Liebenberg is a white woman with blonde hair, wearing a suit and colorful silk scarf.

Last Word: Lawyer Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Liebenberg Honored with AJC Judge Learned Hand Award

Studying the Talmud isn’t so different from studying law, according to lawyer Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Liebenberg. “Studying the Talmud is, obviously, arguing about different viewpoints, which...

At the End of a Northeast Philadelphia Street, a Basement Synagogue Pulsates with Life

About 90% of Jews in America and the Philadelphia area are Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist or unaffiliated. So when the Jewish Exponent calls this section...

Delaware Area Study Reveals Uncertain State of Jewish Community

According to the 2022 Community Study of Jewish Delaware and the Brandywine Valley, 93% of Delaware area Jews feel a sense of belonging to...
Ted Deutch is standing behind a podium wearing a suit and gesturing towards an audience

AJC CEO, Philadelphia Leaders Meet to Address Antisemitism

Philadelphia leaders, Jewish and not, came together last week to address growing antisemitism. American Jewish Committee Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey hosted a press conference on Feb....