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Elvera Schwartz is a white woman with long brown hair wearing a suit jacket and white blouse, standing outside beneath a tree.

You Should Know…Elvera Schwartz

Last week, Elvera Schwartz celebrated four years working at Jewish Relief Agency, a volunteer-led nonprofit supplying food and other necessities to those in the...

As Holocaust Survivors Die, Gratz and Theatre Ariel Try to Help Students Remember

At the start of the play “Survivors” on April 20 at Springfield Township High School, Springfield Middle School Principal Zachary Fuller asked students not...
Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Synagogue

Long-delayed Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Trial to Begin Monday

Every Thursday, Brad Orsini gets on a conference call ...
In a vast expanse of land, hundreds of white chickens roam.

Descendants Preserve South Jersey’s Jewish Farming Community

Jewish people are no strangers to wandering through the wilderness. But the wandering hardly stopped after those biblical 40 years in the desert. In the...
A multicolored mosiac depicts a blue sky with sporadic clouds and colorful steps leading up to a burning bush and the Ten Commandment tablets at the top of Mt. Sinai.

Making It Count: Area Jews Find Meaning in Omer Rituals

In 2000, Brandeis University health policy researcher Brian Rosman created homercalender.net. The concept is simple: You visit the site for each of the 49...
Susan Becker is a white woman with long, dark hair wearing a red blouse and jeans standing in front of a stone wall.

You Should Know…Susan Becker

While Susan Becker was in college at Penn State, she worked as a Hebrew school teacher and b’nai mitzvah tutor, teaching the next generation...

Yom HaShoah Event to Mark 80th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

There is a key difference between International Holocaust Remembrance Day, declared by the United Nations and taking place each January, and Yom HaShoah, established...
Ken Jennings in a brown suit stands next to Melissa Klapper wearing a blue blouse in front of a Jeopardy!-blue background.

Last Word: History Professor Melissa Klapper Schools as Three-Day ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ

In just a matter of days, Melissa Klapper went from using “Jeopardy!” clues to teach her Women in Modern American History class to competing...

South Jersey Federation Launches Regional Security Partnership

On the upstairs floor of the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, two retired police officers sit facing computer monitors. The township’s former...
A silver seder plate displays the traditional Passover foods.

Stepping up to the Seder Plate: Rabbis Consider Unconventional Passover Foods

Over the past few decades, new seder plate foods have joined some Passover tables. Next to the maror, charoset, karpas and other symbolic snacks sit...