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Simplest Pumpkin Tartlets

In case you didn’t get enough pumpkin pie last week, or in case you are looking for a way to use the pumpkin that you bought and didn’t use, these tarts are a revelation.

Kale Salad: Delicious and Low Effort

I am a fan of kale salad.

Risotto Alla Milanese

Legend says that this dish was invented in Milan by a stained-glass window artisan who worked in the cathedral

Truffle Butter Pasta

This dish is indulgence in a bowl.

Salsa Verde, Italian Style

I  had the good fortune to travel to Italy recently and, of course, ate my way up and down the peninsula.

Corn Tortilla Omelet with Salsa

This dish is sort of like a reverse shakshuka.

Green Curry Roasted Eggplant

I adore eggplant and have consumed a goodly amount this summer — always grilled after a lengthy process of salting, rinsing and marinating.

Cheese Pie

I have written before about my friend’s mom, Merle Markowitz, baker extraordinaire.

‘Spanish’ Rice, Redux

Do you remember the classic ’70s side dish “Spanish” rice?

Miracle Dressing

My sister came to visit for a weekend recently, and as we buzzed around the kitchen prepping the meal for our family, she offered to make the salad. Never my favorite task, I was happy to cede this chore to her.