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Ginger-rific Spring Greens

As farmers markets begin to burst with produce, I’m having a grand time with greens. Beet greens, long considered fodder for the compost bin, have...

Truffled Risotto

As the isolation wears on, we are doing our best to enjoy mealtimes — it serves as a way to frame the day and...

The Best Brownies

There is a wide range of quality in the brownie. A brownie can be truly sublime — not as fancy as a complicated torte,...

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made these one evening last week, and when my husband bit into the warm cookie, he exclaimed, “This may be the best cookie...
vegan cake

Philacatessen | I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan Cake

As an omnivore, I am perfectly willing to eat vegan food, provided that it tastes good. However, I have often found vegan desserts lacking...
picnic family pic

Philacatessen | Distance Picnicking: The New Normal

As we adjust to life amid and post-pandemic, we have had to grapple with how to socialize with friends and family in a way...
cabbage salad

Philacatessen | Double Duty Cabbage Salad

This cabbage salad provided two delicious and distinct sides, but only required one real cooking job. The first evening, the cold mustard vinaigrette “slaw” served...
Smashed potatoes

Philacatessen | Smashed Potatoes

My daughter made these to go with roasted salmon last week. They were frighteningly good, and everything that you want in a potato —...

Philacatessen | Apple Crumb Cake

This cake came together one Sunday morning, the result of some tired-looking apples staring me in the face. I was loath to waste them,...

Philacatessen | Colcannon

In these days of grocery challenges, finding dishes that use ingredients to their fullest potential is the difference between a pleasant, uplifting mealtime and,...