Recipes, gift ideas, restaurant reviews and food news from around the Delaware Valley.

Spaghetti Cooked in Red Wine

I saw a recipe for this a few months ago while scrolling Instagram and was intrigued.

New Discovery: Fava Greens

At last week’s farmers market, I spotted a new-to-me vegetable. I’m always on the hunt for something new and different, and I’m a fan of fava beans, so I asked the farmer for the scoop.

Kohlrabi: New Year, New Vegetable

You may recall my culinary New Year’s resolution to try new foods, mix up different flavors and combinations.

Flounder with Shallots and Parsley: Fancy but Simple

I made this dish last week as a way to use up some wilting parsley and a shallot that was banging around my pantry.

Wild Rice Salad

Despite the cold temperatures and the longing for warm, comfort foods, sometimes a salad, albeit a hearty one, is just what the doctor ordered.

Pretty Winter Salad

We were the grateful recipients of a case of Florida oranges and grapefruits as a Chanukah gift this year.

Chickpeas and Cheese

You may remember my New Year’s food resolution to break culinary boundaries and mix up ingredients and flavors that are a little out of the box.

Quick, Simple, Delicious Chicken

This is almost too simple to call a recipe, but it’s the technique and the ease that makes it worth sharing.

Caramel Apple ‘Trifle’

I saw a version of this recipe while surfing Instagram last week and couldn’t get it out of my head.

Japanese Sweet Potato: My New Obsession

I happened upon Japanese sweet potatoes at my local farmers market last week.