Torah Portion

Torah commentary provided weekly by the Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia.

D’var Torah: The True Value of Education

By Rabbi Daniel Levitt Parshat Bo This week’s Torah portion, Bo, marks the beginning of the Jewish people’s freedom from slavery in Egypt. It begins with...

Magic and Advice a Potential Danger

By Rabbi Joshua Waxman Parshat Va’era It’s all the magicians’ fault. In this week’s Torah portion, Va’era, Moses approaches God with a demand and a warning: Pharaoh...

D’var Torah: Turning in Order to See

By Rabbi Shelly Barnathan Parshat Shemot Parshat Shemot contains a story that we know quite well — the famous story of Moses and the Burning Bush....

Philanthropy’s Role in Torah Study

By Rabbi Robert Layman PARSHAT VAYECHI For three months, we have read from the Book of Genesis, beginning with the account of creation, proceeding through...
Rabbi Jason Bonder

Same Words, Different Meaning

By Rabbi Jason Bonder Parshat Vayigash There is a wonderful teaching about a student who approached a rabbi and asked, “Rabbi, why is it that we...

Tenuous Memories Can Be a Threat

By Rabbi Jon Cutler Parshat Miketz Joseph named his firstborn Manasseh (Menashe from the Hebrew root: to forget) meaning God has made me forget completely my...
a menorah

The Most Important Chanukah Candle

By Rabbi Eric Yanoff Parshat Vayeshev A 7-year-old member of my synagogue once asked me, “Rabbi, which is the most important candle on the chanukiyah...

Preparing to Share Chanukah’s Light

By Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz Parshah Vayishlach The candles. The oil. The darkness. The Light. For the Jewish people, the symbols of Chanukah remind us that...

Acknowledging Forgotten Foremothers

By Rabbi Beth Janus Parshat Vayetzei What if I told you that in addition to the three forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the four foremothers,...

Digging Your Own Well

By Rabbi Alan Iser Parshat Toldot Much of his life, the patriarch Isaac appears to be a passive figure in the events that swirl around him:...