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Torah commentary provided weekly by the Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia.

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Differ Between Passion, Fanaticism

By Rabbi Jon Cutler Parshat Pinchas This Shabbat’s Torah portion, Parshat Pinchas, begins by referring to an event that occurred at the end of the prior...
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The Heart Knows That Is Right

By Rabbi Gregory S. Marx Parshat Chukat-Balak According to a midrash, Pharaoh had three advisers. He didn’t know what to do with the Jewish people. They...

On Questioning Accepted Truths

By Rabbi Leah R. Berkowitz Parshat Korach This is not an easy time to read about the rebellion of Korach. In this week’s Torah portion, Korach stages...

Caleb: Visions of What Can Be, Not Just What Is

By Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman Parshat Shelach Lecha In the current cultural and political environment, we have a great deal of difficulty agreeing on what is...
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Are the Clouds Lifting?

By Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein Parshat B’ha’alotecha From the day the mishkan was erected, the cloud covered the mishkan, the tent of the covenant ... whenever...
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What Is a Real Blessing?

ollega / iStock / Getty Images PlusBY RABBI ALAN ISER Parshat Naso One of my dearest childhood memories is going under my father’s tallit when the...
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Shavuot: First Fruits of Revelation

BY Rabbi Shawn Zevit Shavuot This week heralds in Shavuot, the Festival of Weeks, one of our three regalim, or pilgrimage festivals, which originated as an...
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Stand at the Edge of Opportunity

By Rabbi Kami Knapp Parshat Bamidbar Imagine the scene: Moses, Miriam and Aaron have led the people from Egypt. With slavery at their backs and freedom...
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How Much Is a Life Worth?

By Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner Parshat Behar-BeChukotai Did you ever wonder what your life is worth? The U.S. government and its agencies do ask, “What is the...
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To Be or Not to Be a Kohen

By Rabbi David Ackerman Parshat Emor A man walks into the rabbi’s study, visibly distressed. “Sit down,” says the rabbi. “What troubles you?” “Rabbi,” he begins, “I’d...