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How Jewish Is July 4?

The summer is a downtime for Jewish holidays. As a June 21 Jewish Exponent article explained, there’s Shavuot in the late spring (May 25...
Ariel Milan-Polisar is a white woman with glasses and very curly hair, wearing a black blazer and green blouse.

You Should Know … Rabbi Ariel Milan-Polisar

At first, Ariel Milan-Polisar was reluctant to go to summer camp. Her parents love to tell the story of a young girl protesting in the...
A navy suit jacket with its beige collar lining taken out

What Is Shatnez? Ancient Practice of Checking Garments for Linen and Wool Continues

Under a microscope, linen looks like a bamboo stalk, with long, straight fibers running up and down a thread. Wool, on the other hand,...

Jennifer Groen Joins Kohelet Yeshiva Community as Executive Director

Kohelet Yeshiva’s story over the past seven years has been one of growth. In 2016, donor David Magerman gave Kohelet Yeshiva High School $30 million....

Lindsay Blum Schlesinger Inherits 50-Year Southampton Day Camp Legacy From Parents

It’s shortly after 11 a.m. at Southampton Summer Day Camp in Bucks County. Monday. The second week of camp. Lindsay Blum Schlesinger is walking around...
Rebecca Gratz is a white woman with blonde hair and a black dress standing in front of some framed portraits of Gratz family members.

Relative of Gratz College Namesake Connects with Family History

Rebecca Gratz stepped into Gratz College in Melrose Park for the very first time on June 13. This Rebecca Gratz, born in 1990, bears little...
A group of people sit in chairs on a balcony facing a group of musicians playing instruments.

Why Are There Few Jewish Holidays in the Summer? It’s No Coincidence

After Shavuot on May 25, there isn’t another major Jewish holiday until Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 15. It’s almost as if God wants to...
Galia Godel is a white person with wide-rimmed glasses and light brown hair with a side undercut. She is wearing a patterned shirt and standing in front of a brick wall.

You Should Know…Galia Godel

At all events for Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia, Galia Godel, program manager of JFCS’s LGBTQ Initiative, wears a small pin...

Jewish Values Drive Former Teacher Larry Abrams to Give Books Away to Underprivileged

At this point, Larry Abrams is a well-known figure in the Philadelphia area. He was labeled a hero by CNN, proclaimed a good citizen...

B’nai Abraham Chabad, Led by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldman, Continues to Serve Community

In January 2000, Rabbi Yochonon Goldman and his rebbetzin, Leah Goldman, were “appointed as emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Philadelphia,” according to phillyshul.com. If you...