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Dear Miriam | Blocking and Tackling (Problematic Speech)

Dear Miriam, Is it better to ignore/block relatives on social media to avoid their offensive posts, or is it worth trying to engage with them?...

Dear Miriam | Family, Self Come First in Crisis

Dear Miriam, My children have experienced a lot of mental health issues while in quarantine. I'm dreading the school year because I am struggling myself...

Dear Miriam | To Move or Not to Move

Dear Miriam, Is a pandemic the absolute wrong time to make a decision to move to a completely different place, or is it the absolute...

Dear Miriam | Coworker Question Causes Confusion

Dear Miriam, On a recent work Zoom call, a controversial topic came up, tangentially related to our work. A coworker asked me in the chat...

Dear Miriam | Solo Eater Seeks Inspiration

Dear Miriam, Now that the initial boredom of the pandemic is over, people have mostly stopped posting pictures of sourdough and fancy baked goods, and...

Dear Miriam | Dealing with a Non-Pandemic Illness

Dear Miriam, How can I best help a family dealing with illness during the pandemic that's not actually related to the pandemic? Signed, Want to Help Dear Help, So...

Dear Miriam | Reading List Doesn’t Represent Judaism Accurately

Dear Miriam, A teacher I know put together a really wonderful and culturally diverse children's reading list. To represent Jews, she included two Chanukah books,...

Dear Miriam | How Does Dating Dad Tell His Grown Kids?

Dear Miriam, I am a middle-aged widower who has recently started dating. I have not yet told my adult children. What is the best way...
Coronavirus written newspaper close up shot to the text.

Dear Miriam | Reopenings Open Up Concerns

Dear Miriam, Now that things are starting to reopen, I find myself increasingly uncomfortable with the way it's being done and the precautions that the...
People standing waiting in line far apart to maintain social distance distancing during covid-19 coronavirus outbreak with mark cross signs on sidewalk pavement by grocery food store shop shopping

Ask Miriam | Social Distancing Still a Complicated Subject

Dear Miriam, How should one respond when they witness others (like neighbors, for example) not social distancing? And how should parents respond to their kids...