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Dear Miriam | How Do You Prepare for Visitors?

Dear Miriam, After 13 months with exactly zero people coming into my house, I'm about to have (vaccinated) Shabbat dinner guests for the first time this coming week.

Dear Miriam | How Do You Restore Pre-COVID Boundaries?

Dear Miriam, For the past 13 months, I've been working from home and have been very isolated.

Dear Miriam | Passover: The Latter Days

Dear Miriam, Second pandemic Passover. Please discuss.

Dear Miriam | How Do You Recruit, Involve Volunteers?

Dear Miriam, I am starting a new project that requires volunteer energy to keep it going.

Dear Miriam | Breakup Cause Shabbat Pain

For many years, but especially during the pandemic, my partner and I celebrated Shabbat every week and all the Jewish holidays.

Dear Miriam | Why Are People Going Overboard for Passover?

I've always thought people go kind of overboard for Passover ...

Dear Miriam | What’s the Etiquette for a Zoom Shiva?

I have to go to a Zoom shiva this week. I know these have been happening for nearly a year, but this will be my first one. What usually happens at these? Is there any etiquette I should know about?

Dear Miriam | Purim Opt-out a Possibility?

Dear Miriam, I don't think I can stomach the forced happiness of Purim this year, the groggers over Zoom, the pandemic-themed spiels. Can I opt out?

Dear Miriam | Password Problem Proves Perplexing

Dear Miriam, I recently needed to create a family account for an online service.  When I tried to create a login, I received a message...

Dear Miriam | Pandemic Rant Proves Uncomfortable

Dear Miriam, I have done almost no socializing during the pandemic, so I'm not sure what kinds of interactions people are having, but this struck...