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braided challah and a round challah

Dear Miriam | Signing Off

In January of 2011, pregnant with my first child ...

Dear Miriam | Phillies Phever Hinders Phamily Routine

My kids thrive on routine and on consistency, which has been in short supply this school year.

Dear Miriam | How Should I Communicate Food Allergies, Preferences?

I just moved to Philly and am fortunate to have received a few invitations for holiday meals.

Dear Miriam | Yom Kippur Asked and Answered

Right before Rosh Hashanah, I answered some holiday-themed questions.
shofar next to siddur

Dear Miriam | High Holidays Questions Answered

In the lead-up to the High Holidays, there are too many questions to choose just one

Dear Miriam | Unvaccinated Peer Vexes Student

I am a kid who goes to a middle school where COVID vaccines are not required.

Dear Miriam | How Can I Avoid a High Holiday Gathering?

During the first two High Holiday seasons of the pandemic ...
an eraser erasing the word racism on a chalkboard

Dear Miriam | Friend of a Friend’s Comments Create Discomfort

A friend of a friend recently made some overtly racist comments in front of me.