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Ask Miriam | Coronavirus Makes Passover Planning Problematic

Dear Miriam, What do you think we should do about Passover coming up and the coronavirus situation? We would be starting to clean out our...
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Ask Miriam | Is Boundary-Pushing Costume OK for Purim?

Dear Miriam, I have a costume all ready for Purim tonight that riffs on some very topical current events. I told a friend, though, and...
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Ask Miriam | What’s in an (Autocorrected) Name?

Dear Miriam, I sent someone an email in a professional context and signed it with my slightly-unusual-but-very-Jewish first name. The person wrote back, but addressed...
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Ask Miriam | Can I Bring a Small Child to Shiva?

Dear Miriam, An acquaintance’s mother passed away, and I am easily able to attend a shiva visit, so I would like to do so. My...
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Ask Miriam | Cold and Flu Season Creates Questions

Dear Miriam, This has been the worst cold and flu season. What are some common sense guidelines for when kids need to be kept away...

Ask Miriam | How Can We Make Tu B’Shevat More Relevant?

Dear Miriam, Tu B'Shevat went from being completely unknown when I was a kid, to being a huge "Jewish Earth Day" celebration around the time...
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Ask Miriam | Face the Race

Dear Miriam, My kindergarten daughter is obsessed with her classmate's mom. She spends a lot of time in my daughter's classroom as a volunteer, so...
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Ask Miriam | Shiva: A Primer

Dear Miriam, I'm not Jewish, but I have a co-worker who is, and her mom just died. I can't make it to the funeral, but...
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Ask Miriam | Breakfast Battle Becomes Bothersome

Dear Miriam, My kindergartener has decided she hates breakfast. Every day is a major struggle to get her to eat something before school. She wants...
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Ask Miriam | Resolve to Get Off to a Good Start

Dear Miriam, I'm not exactly setting New Year's resolutions, but I would like to do a few things better, more intentionally and more effectively this...