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Doctor or nurse putting on blue nitrile surgical gloves, professional medical safety and hygiene for surgery and medical exam on white background.

Ask Miriam | Swastika Tattoo on Coworker Causes Discomfort

Dear Miriam, I am training a new contract employee at work and when he changed gloves, I noticed he had a small swastika tattoo on...
Mother working from home with kids. Quarantine and closed school during coronavirus outbreak. Children make noise and disturb woman at work. Homeschooling and freelance job. Boy and girl playing.

Ask Miriam | Making the Abnormal Normal

Dear Readers, In response to the influx of questions regarding the daily challenges of life during lockdown, I'm answering two questions today with overlapping themes....
Close-up of unrecognizable cute baby shaking feet while lying in bed, innocence concept

Ask Miriam | Bris During Pandemic Creates Issues

Dear Miriam, How does one host a bris during social distancing? Signed, Expecting Dear Expecting, B'sha'ah tova! Becoming a parent requires a great deal of flexibility in dealing with...
Sad young woman sitting on the window

Ask Miriam | What to Say in Sympathy Cards?

Dear Miriam, I work for a large but very friendly company, where I don't know most of the employees outside my department. We do have...
Finger of woman pushing heart icon on screen in mobile smartphone application. Online dating app, valentine's day concept.

Ask Miriam | Old Dating Dilemma Arises in New Arena

Dear Miriam, Since the pandemic started, I've been "seeing" several guys I met on dating apps through video chat. There's one guy in particular who...
Money savings, investment, making money for future, financial wealth management concept. A man hand holding coin over stacked coins in glass jar and growing tree plant depicts Fund growth and wealth.

Ask Miriam | Prioritize Charitable Giving

Dear Miriam, What are your thoughts on how to prioritize charitable giving during this crisis? Signed, Pandemic Priorities Dear Priorities, These are exceptional and exceptionally difficult times, and asking...
Passover matzoh jewish holiday bread over wooden table background.

Ask Miriam | Fussy Eater Creates Holiday Stress

Dear Miriam, During this strangest of holiday experiences, what changes can I make to the Passover diet to accommodate my son? He's 6, and he's...
Jewish holiday Passover background with matzo, seder plate, wine and tulip flowers on wooden table. Top view from above.

Ask Miriam | Guest Perspectives on Passover

Dear Readers, I've used the word "unprecedented" an unprecedented number of times in the past few weeks, and I know I'm not the only one....
Pesah celebration concept jewish Passover holiday egg and seder plate

Ask Miriam | How Do You Say ‘No’ to Mom for Seder?

Dear Miriam, I was supposed to host my extended family, including my mom, for sedarim this year. The rest of the extended family lives in...
Jewish Matzah on Decorated Silver wine cup with matzah, Jewish symbols for the Passover Pesach holiday. Passover concept.

Ask Miriam | Revisiting Last Week’s Seder Advice

Dear Miriam, What should we do about the quarantine and celebrating Passover with our family? My husband is an only child. His parents are in...