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NATO Office on Texas Air Force Base Removes Print of Storied Nazi Combat Pilot...

The headquarters of a U.S.-based training program for NATO pilots removed from display a framed print glorifying a Nazi fighter.

Supreme Court Decision Throws Doubt on 30-year-old Victory for Jewish Family

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Seattle-area football coach who lost his job after leading prayers.

‘After Shabbat, We Will Act’: American Jews Gear Up for Post-Roe Activism

An array of Jewish groups across the country are kickstarting into action.


Irv Slifkin is a middle-aged white man who is bald and wear glasses. He is sitting in front of a movie poster.

Philadelphia-based FilmShul Pays Homage to Jewish Hollywood

Growing up, Irv Slifkin seldom watched a movie with his family uninterrupted.  His mother would kvell whenever she saw a Jewish star on the silver...

AI Facial Recognition IDs Rocker Geddy Lee’s Mother in Anonymous Holocaust Photos

Rockstar Geddy Lee found never-before-seen photos of his mother’s family.

Last Word: Barbara Boroff’s Craft Shows Are Back

It started as a fun hobby with her husband and grew into a business that could attract a Big Ten football-sized crowd, about 100,000...

Israeli Emergency Services Group Founder Accused of Sexual Abuse Dies

A disgraced rabbi awarded Israel’s highest national honor shortly before being accused of sexual abuse and rape has died.

Naftali Bennett’s Neighbors Can Finally Get Their Driveways Back

Perhaps the most immediate beneficiaries of Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett’s decision to dissolve his government are his longtime neighbors.

Naftali Bennett Won’t Run in Israel’s Upcoming Elections

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett won’t run in his country’s upcoming elections.