Meeks Drops Plan to Ask for Weapons Transfer Delay


Jewish Exponent Square.jpgBy Ron Kampeas

Gregory Meeks, the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, decided not to send a letter to the Biden administration asking for a delay in the transfer of missiles to Israel.

Meeks, a New York Democrat who just months ago pledged to leave sacrosanct defense assistance to Israel, promised greater oversight of arms sales, including to Israel going forward, a sea change in how Democrats relate to Israel.

Meeks convened the committee in a private session Monday night to consider asking for a delay in light of the war raging between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. A number of Democrats in Congress have called for an immediate ceasefire and for greater Israeli restraint.

Meeks on Tuesday concluded that the Biden administration was ready to provide the oversight the committee sought and that the delay to consider the appropriateness of the sale in light of the war was no longer necessary.

“The Chairman’s intention behind a possible letter was to create an opportunity for Members to engage in a candid conversation with the administration about the arms sale,” a spokesman for the committee said. “A letter is no longer necessary given that the White House has now agreed to engage with Members at the highest level on their concerns, and the administration’s broader strategy on gaining a peaceful resolution to this conflict.”

The transfer of over $700 million in precision guided missiles was part of a deal reached last year and was unrelated to the war. The transfer is not set to go ahead for another year. Under consideration this week is the export license required for the transfer.

Even considering a delay marked a new day in relations between Congress and Israel. Congress had always been a redoubt of unquestioning support for Israel, and this would have been the first time Congress was more ready than a sitting president to pressure Israel. Democrats, including at least a dozen Jewish Democrats, have in recent years been more willing to criticize Israel.

“The Chairman is making it clear that otherwise routine arms sales will be subject to close scrutiny and oversight under his Chairmanship of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” said the committee spokesman.


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