Berwyn Synagogue Struggles With Demographic Change

In 2011, Congregation Or Shalom built a new education building. The Berwyn synagogue had almost 200 members in its congregation and nearly 100 kids...

Life After a Stroke: 5 Tips for Recovery and Daily Living

In the weeks and months immediately following a stroke ...

Managing Heart-Attack Treatment and Follow-Up Care for Older Adults

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There’s No Age Limit to Hobbies

If you’ve retired from a full-time job ...

Paula Mandel Turns Discarded Items Into Art

No, Paula Mandel doesn’t go from house to house sifting through trash cans ...

Restroom Visits Lead to a Book

Toilet humor.

‘The Big Story’ Tonight is Larry Kane, Philadelphia’s Anchorman

He’s the man who coined the phrase “The Big Story” at the top of Action News broadcasts on 6abc. He spent more than three decades...
In their front yard, Drew Trachtenberg, a young boy in a fall jacket, is standing over his older brother Steve.

Utopia Revisited: Residents Reunite to Share Stories of 12th Street Childhood

The word “utopia,” coined by 15th-century English writer Thomas More, is based on the Greek words eu-topos, which means a good place, and ou-topos,...

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: The New Science of the Aging Brain

Until recently, we thought today’s grim facts about Alzheimer’s disease could not be changed.
Two women embrace in a hug. They are standing in front of a book shelf.

Teacher, Student Reunite After 62 Years

Between 1959 and today, 13 different U.S. presidents have taken office; astronauts have gone from being the first known living beings to return to...