An employee of the Jewish Federation’s Northeast NORC assists a Holocaust survivor in her kitchen

New Kavod Initiative Provides Emergency Funds for Holocaust Survivors

An estimated one of every three Holocaust survivors in the United States today lives at or near the poverty line. In Philadelphia, they will now...
Silhouette of elderly man walking with a walker near a window

Report Lists Several Underperforming Nursing Homes in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey

The nursing home industry was rocked June 3 when Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. Pat Toomey released a previously unpublicized federal list of...
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Ways to Make Happiness Your No. 1 Goal

It is not always easy to be happy — even though we live in a world where we are often told the contrary. Life has...
An old black and white photo of 8-year-old Ronnie Breslow and her mom

M.S. St. Louis Survivor Ronnie Breslow Is Still Fighting Anti-Semitism

  Holocaust survivor Ronnie Breslow, a Jewish woman who fled Germany as a child, is still fighting anti-Semitism and educating young people and the community...
Itka Zygmuntowicz looks at her memoir

Survivor Itka Zygmuntowicz Preserves Her Life Through Poetry

When Itka Zygmuntowicz reflects on her life — her imprisonment in Auschwitz-Birkenau, her postwar life in Sweden, her flourishing in the United States —...
Pam Rogow sits in her shop surrounded by typewriters

Pam Rogow Goes Retro with Mt. Airy Typewriter Shop

It seems that just about everyone who wanders into Pam Rogow’s shop has some sort of typewriter tale. The room, filled with 50 manual and...
Rabbi Howard Bogot with one of his classes

Rabbi Howard Bogot Continues Teaching Passion Into His 80s

Rabbi Howard Bogot, 81, has spent a lifetime teaching Jewish texts to Jewish students in Jewish settings, from youth groups to summer camps to...
Bella Lewensohn Schafer

Bella Lewensohn Schafer Recalls Her Service in War for Israeli Independence

In the 1840s, Moishe Zvi Lewensohn heard that the Messiah would soon come, and he moved to a small piece of land in the...
Jim Drucker in front of shelves

Jim Drucker’s Life Leads Him From Basketball to Comic Books

Jim Drucker has a penchant for being in the right place at the right time. Take this meeting, for example. Drucker was sitting at a...
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9 Stress-Reduction Tips for the Holiday

April coincides with the holiday season and stress awareness month. While Passover is a time to get together with friends and family and reflect on...