Rabbi Eli Gurevitz is a white man with a long, dark beard wearing a black suit and hat. He is surrounded by a few children and onlookers as he tends to a small fire in his driveway.

Spring Cleaning for Chametz a ‘Labor of Love’

Right about now, the backyards of some Jewish households are becoming five-star restaurants for Philadelphia’s squirrels, birds and deer. Leavened cookies, cakes and bread buried...

Passover Desserts Put to the (Taste) Test

Passover starts in a week, which means it’s almost time to eat matzah pizza for every meal. OK then, that’s a tasty unleavened option for...
In the sanctuary of a synagogue, dozens of children and adults dressed up pose sloppily for a group picture.

Unmasking the Origins of Purim Costumes

A hot dog, an emoji and Superman walk into a synagogue — and there’s no punchline. It’s the reality for Allan Rosenblatt, owner of...

The Many Lives of a Sufganiyah: Celebrating Doughnut Diversity for Chanukah

Gefüllte krapfen” isn’t exactly a German phrase that whets one’s appetite. In fact, the Hebrew “sufganiyot” rolls off the tongue much more smoothly. But each...
A sukkah with sheer fabric walls is lit up from the inside. Plants partially cover it in the nighttime.

Confused About Shemini Atzeret? Us Too: The ‘Hybrid Holiday’ Explained

Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment used in quantum mechanics that — without getting into the hairy details — consists of a cat in...

Lag B’Omer Celebrations Go On Despite Challenges

For the second year in a row, those who celebrated Lag B’Omer dealt with obstacles both commonplace — iffy weather — and extraordinary (you...
Group of students, two girls and two boys posing

Penn Commencement on Shavuot Sparks Petition

Nearly 1,600 people signed a petition urging the University of Pennsylvania to change the date of commencement for the class of 2021. Set for May...
Author's headshot, wearing white shirt

What It’s Like to Celebrate Passover in Prison

By Christopher Blackwell Over the past few years, I have been honored and blessed to experience — with good friends — some Jewish traditions and...
Seder held by HIAS for newly arrived immigrants, New York, circa 1910

Passover, Pandemic Create Eating Disorder Challenges

As the Jewish community approaches another pandemic- era Passover, staff at the Renfrew Center, a national network of eating disorder treatment facilities, are working...
young woman and man in black and white photo

Tales of Leaving Egypt Resonate at Passover

“In every generation,” we read during the seder, “a person must regard himself as though he personally had gone out of Egypt, as it...