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Rosh Hashanah 5782

5781 was challenging. But we got through it.
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A Step Toward Religious Freedom in Israel

Last week, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that non-Orthodox conversions must be recognized for purposes of citizenship under Israel’s Law of Return.

Reframing ‘Dual Loyalty’

By Mid-Atlantic Media Editorial Board Recently, NBC News caused an uproar when they published a mean-spirited article online suggesting that Anne Neuberger, President Joe Biden’s...

Editorial | Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, z’l

By Mid-Atlantic Media Editorial Board Rabbi Jonathan Sacks exemplified the best of Modern Orthodoxy. Erudite, personable, a prolific writer, a beloved teacher and a public...
Stones on a Jewish grave.

Editorial | Politicizing the Holocaust

When the plans for last week’s World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem were first announced, they were met with great excitement. Linked to International Holocaust...
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Editorial | An Explanation of the Exponent’s Opinion Section

Update: The original article was corrected on January 24, 2020 to clarify a quotation.  This week we’re doing something a little different on our opinion...

Editorial | Celebrating the End of the Daf Yomi Cycle

Jews often observe that “our” New Year comes in the fall, not on Jan. 1. But Jan. 1, 2020, became a very special day...
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Editorial | Protecting Jewish Students on Campus

The executive order that President Donald J. Trump signed at the White House Chanukah party last week is designed to protect students from an...
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Editorial | Netanyahu’s Next Move

As we go to press, four days after Israel’s attorney general indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption, Netanyahu remains defiant, calling the charges...
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Editorial | The Journal Sh’ma Falls Silent

For 50 years, Sh’ma was a journal that asked questions and promoted discussion about Judaism and the Jewish world, exploring ideas that challenged conventional,...