Managing Heart-Attack Treatment and Follow-Up Care for Older Adults

As the proportion of older adults in the United States continues to increase ...

How Cold-Weather Activities Can Impact Heart Health

Clearing sidewalks and driveways of snow ...
Andrew Davies and Molly Wernick smile at their baby Miller, who is sitting in a wagon. Wernick and Davies are wearing bike helmets and have their bikes off to the side.

Parents Worry Reproduction Laws May Complicate Family Planning

For Jewish parents who are carriers of the Tay-Sachs gene, the worry of passing on the genetic disease to an offspring is only one...

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: The New Science of the Aging Brain

Until recently, we thought today’s grim facts about Alzheimer’s disease could not be changed.
A vaccine administrator, a Black woman with long, black hair wearing blue gloves, is giving a shot to a young Black child with curly hair who is pulling up their t-shirt sleeve.

Pediatricians Push for Routine Vaccinations

In April 2020, routine vaccinations among children dropped to below 40,000, with total routine vaccinations in the city dropping more than 60% at the...

Knitting Nonprofit Promotes Healing, One Stitch at a Time

Ellen Rubin knows knitting is often thought of as a hobby for the elderly, but she believes the craft has something to offer everyone. “I...

Some COVID Patients in for the Long Haul

The fish tasted awful. Lori Cooper doesn’t like to ruin anyone else’s good time at the dinner table, so she kept the taste of the...
A vaccine is a biological preparation that provide

Coronavirus Vaccine: Beyond Bombast, Cautious Optimism

On May 15, President Donald Trump announced, “Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back.  The words came mere minutes after Trump announced the public-private venture called...
From left: Medical student Tal Lee and nurse Michele Morton are working with the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium to provide free coronavirus testing.

Local Med Student Helps Reduce Testing Disparities in African American Neighborhoods

By Josefin Dolstein / JTA At the beginning of her day, Tal Lee will see as many as hundreds of cars snake around the church...
Brian Steiner (front right) gives the thumbs up after teaching another grueling spinning class_ he teaches regularly at PSC in Radnor and at Rodin Place, LifeSport Fitness in Fairmount and AFC Fitness in Bala Cy

Virtual Fitness: It’s Working Out

In a time before the pandemic, the home had much more freedom — it wasn’t burdened with being everything to everybody all the time....