20s and 30s

Elyssa Cherney is a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing a patterned dress and tallit and sitting on a green bench with her legs crossed.

You Should Know…Rabbi Elyssa Cherney

Just as many Gen Z and millennial Jews can be found outside of synagogue walls, Rabbi Elyssa Cherney wants people to know that holiness...
In a dark lounge, Jewish singles wearing name tags talk in pairs.

Despite Digital Dating, Jews Still Look for Love In Person

Valentine’s Day — far from a Jewish holiday — is over, and Tu B’Av, the Jewish holiday of love, isn’t for months. But love...
Gevura Davis is a white woman wearing a green dress with long brown har standing on a balcony with palm trees in the background.

You Should Know…Gevura Davis

Rebbetzin Gevura Davis jokes that she and her family are available 24/6, every hour, every day of the week, except for Shabbat. But even...


Growing up, Max Moline attended the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Maryland, and Camp Ramah in Palmer, Massachusetts. He also participated...

YOU SHOULD KNOW…Rabbi Alex Weissman

Rabbi Alex Weissman remembers walking into the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote for the first time. It was November 2010, and he was a...

Jewish Women International Launching Young Women’s Group in Philadelphia

Jewish Women International, the Washington, D.C.-based social service organization, describes its nationwide Young Women’s Impact Network as a group that will change your life. An...
Lauren Biederman is a white woman with long, dark hair wearing a black shirt and apron standing behind a marble deli counter.

You Should Know…Lauren Biederman

In the week between Christmas and New Years — a particularly busy week for Biederman’s Specialty Foods — owner Lauren Biederman processed between 200-300...
Sam Salz is standing with his back facing the camera wearing a red and white football jersey with the number 39 on it and a white kippah.

You Should Know…Sam Salz

Sam Salz is meticulous in matching his kippah to his football uniform: The white and burgundy of the head covering matches his Texas A&M...
Emma Chasen has long, dark hair and a sleeve of tattoos. She is wearing bright red glasses and smiling at the camera.

You Should Know…Emma Chasen

Shabbat doesn’t always look like a quiet dinner with candle lighting and prayers over wine and bread. Sometimes, it looks like a Free Britney...
A group of four people stand outside underneath a large sun umbrella.

Spruce Street Minyan a Patchwork of Young Jews

If the United States is the “melting pot” — a combination of disparate traditions and cultures blended into one — then perhaps Spruce Street...