20s and 30s

Megan GoldMarche is a Jew with curly, dark hair wearing a dark blue blouse. She is smiling in front of a dark background.

You Should Know…Rabbi Megan GoldMarche

Rabbi Megan GoldMarche is just like many of the young Philadelphia Jews she hopes to serve as Tribe 12’s new executive director: She’s a...
A small, light dog on a leash poses in front of a large gothic synagogue.

You Should Know…Rabbi Abi Weber Counts the Dog Days of Omer

This issue of the Jewish Exponent came out on the 33rd day of the Omer, which is four weeks and five days of the...
Students in masks crowd a table, each one holding a paint brush and blending paint from large bottles.

Drexel Hillel Celebrates Pilot Artist-Educator Residency Program

The pandemic has stolen time from everyone but particularly from college students. A typical four years of community building and connection was abbreviated for...
Andrew Perelman is a white person with short, dark hair wearing a white t-shirt and green button down. Jonah Zitelli, a white man in a denim shirt, is resting his head on Andrew's shoulder. They are standing in front of tall vegetation.

You Should Know…Andrew Perelman and Jonah Zitelli

Andrew Perelman, Jonah Zitelli and Rutherford B. Hayes have one obvious thing in common — and no, Hayes was not Jewish, and Perelman and...
Zo Baker is a white person wearing a purple suit and has curly, shoulder-length hair. They are sitting on a huge green sectional couch.

You Should Know…Zo Baker

Instead of finding a community at graduate school, Zo Baker, 29, found the experience to be rather isolating. While pursuing a master of fine arts...
Josh Weinberg is a white man with short, dark hair and dark eyes wearing a light blue suit and red tie with his arms crossed, smiling at the camera.

You Should Know…Josh Weinberg

Josh Weinberg, 29, had his first big break on the set of Amazon Prime Video’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” not as an actor, but...
Bex Odorisio is a white woman with curly hair and bangs done up. She is wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck and white dangly earrings.

You Should Know…Bex Odorosio

Ardmore native Bex Odorisio has “Proudly Bat Mitzvah’d” displayed prominently on her resume, but that’s hardly the most eye-catching thing listed there. The singer and...
Amanda Shulman, a white woman with dark haired tied back wearing a chef coat and dark apron, is preparing to plate her dish in an array of white bowls laid out in front of her.

Philly Faces: Amanda Shulman

Amanda Shulman, 29, grew up eating Shabbat dinner with her family almost every week. It was such a sacred time that her parents imposed...
Tyler Weiss, a white man wearing a button-up shirt, blazer and khakis, has his arms raised in victory with a huge smile on his face. He is surrounded by soccer players in blue and white jerseys running to crowded bleachers.

Philly Faces: Tyler Weiss

Tyler Weiss led the Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School boys’ soccer team to its first-ever Public League championship on Oct. 27 in...
Andrew Galitzer is a white man with short hair and glasses holding a pencil and drawing pad. He is leaning against a stone wall.

Student’s ‘Torah Comics’ Inspire Book, Activism

Growing up outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and attending Jewish day school, Andrew Galitzer was deemed a “doodler” by his rabbi, who insisted that...