Philly Faces

Monthly Q&A series profiling local Jews in their 20s and 30s.

Philly Faces: Faryn Borella

Faryn Borella, 29, of Philadelphia is looking to effect change on a systemic level.

Philly Faces: Lauren Rosen

Former Duke Blue Devils point guard Jay Williams dished out a ton of assists to his teammates in the early aughts, powering them to...

Philly Faces: Elijah Tomaszewski

Elijah Tomaszewski, 29, began his Tribe 12 fellowship in January. Tomaszewski’s project is a little different than that of the typical Tribe 12 fellow;...

Philly Faces: Michal Furman

Michal Furman, 26, is fairly certain that she is the first Israeli-American officer in Philadelphia Police Department history.

Philly Faces: Rabbi Akiva Pollack

There wasn’t anything quite like the organization Russian American Jewish Experience in Philadelphia before Rabbi Akiva Pollack showed up.
two women in aprons striking a dramatic pose against a white brick backdrop

Philly Faces: Rhonda Saltzman and Mercedes Brooks

With more time on their hands, and a moment to catch their breath, the sisters decided that the time had come to make their dream a reality.

Philly Faces: Ben Berman

In 2021, the most exclusive pizzas in Philadelphia aren’t being baked at Tacconelli’s, Pizzeria Beddia or any of the other usual suspects. The hottest pies...
female fencer

Philly Faces: Fencing Phenom Maia Weintraub

Maia Weintraub is 18 and trying hard not to think about how much she’s already accomplished. One doesn’t get to the cusp of Olympic-level...

Philly Faces: Sharon Geller

Two Jews are standing on a street corner in Berlin in 1940. One says, “I know for a fact that, every morning at 10:30, Hitler...

Philly Faces: Aidan Nadell

Teenagers don’t typically spend a lot of time thinking about their legacies. Impressions, sure, but legacies are a decidedly less frequent topic of thought...