Philly Faces

Monthly Q&A series profiling local Jews in their 20s and 30s.

Gail Norry is a white woman with long, wavy blonde hair wearing a grey suit and standing smiling on front of a yellow background.

Last Word: Jewish Federation Co-Chair Gail Norry Leads Jewishly, Inside and Outside the Home

Though she spends her days at work committed to Jewish community growth, the love of Judaism doesn’t stop at Gail Norry’s doorstep. The co-chair of...
Roberta Liebenberg is a white woman with blonde hair, wearing a suit and colorful silk scarf.

Last Word: Lawyer Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Liebenberg Honored with AJC Judge Learned Hand Award

Studying the Talmud isn’t so different from studying law, according to lawyer Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Liebenberg. “Studying the Talmud is, obviously, arguing about different viewpoints, which...

YOU SHOULD KNOW…Rabbinical Student Stephanie Breitsman, Inspector of Torah Scrolls

God may have inspired the Torah, but the creator did not actually write the book. That was a human being. Stephanie Breitsman, 32, probably...
Paul Farber is wearing a suit jacket, jeans and sneakers and is sitting on the PMA steps, the museum looming in the background.

You Should Know…Paul Farber

As co-founder and director of Monument Lab, a Philadelphia-based public art and history studio nonprofit, Paul Farber is concerned with memory. According to Farber, 40,...
Trent Works is a white mean with blond hair wearing a blue button up shirt and blue-rimmed glasses.

You Should Know…Trent Works

Young Jewish Philadelphians are experiencing a good problem to have: There are too many options for connection and too little time. Between Jewish organizations serving...
Jacqueline Glodstein is a white woman with red hair wearing a jacket and standing in front of the wall of the Weitzman.

Last Word: Weitzman Chief Development Officer Jacqueline Glodstein Starts New Chapter

Amid Israel’s Six-Day War, Jacqueline Glodstein, then a child, took her piggy bank to her Long Island, New York, synagogue with her parents and...
Jamey Roberti is a white man with short hair and classes wearing a blue suit and smiling.

You Should Know…Jamey Roberti

Jamey Roberti spent much of his adolescence on a skateboard, daydreaming that OutKast, Jay-Z and MF Doom provided the soundtrack to his choreography of...
Harold Berger is wearing a suit and gesturing as he speaks to someone off camera.

Last Word: Jewish Learning Venture Honoree Harold Berger Supports the Next Generation of Jews

In the early 1920s, Archibald, a town of 5,000 in Northeast Pennsylvania, was home to one Jewish family: the Bergers. As Harold Berger, now 97...
Gevura Davis is a white woman wearing a green dress with long brown har standing on a balcony with palm trees in the background.

You Should Know…Gevura Davis

Rebbetzin Gevura Davis jokes that she and her family are available 24/6, every hour, every day of the week, except for Shabbat. But even...
Lou Moyerman is an older white man with gray hair wearing a red, white and blue Adidas jacket.

Last Word: Lou Moyerman a Lifelong Jewish Athlete

Lou Moyerman has competed in the Maccabiah Games in two sports: judo, which he’s practiced for 58 of his 70 years of life, and...