Philly Faces

Monthly Q&A series profiling local Jews in their 20s and 30s.

Philly Faces: Michal Furman

Michal Furman, 26, is fairly certain that she is the first Israeli-American officer in Philadelphia Police Department history.

Philly Faces: Rabbi Akiva Pollack

There wasn’t anything quite like the organization Russian American Jewish Experience in Philadelphia before Rabbi Akiva Pollack showed up.
two women in aprons striking a dramatic pose against a white brick backdrop

Philly Faces: Rhonda Saltzman and Mercedes Brooks

With more time on their hands, and a moment to catch their breath, the sisters decided that the time had come to make their dream a reality.

Philly Faces: Sharon Geller

Two Jews are standing on a street corner in Berlin in 1940. One says, “I know for a fact that, every morning at 10:30, Hitler...

Philly Faces: Aidan Nadell

Teenagers don’t typically spend a lot of time thinking about their legacies. Impressions, sure, but legacies are a decidedly less frequent topic of thought...

Philly Faces: Trisha Swed

It’s kind of like this: Trisha Swed, 30, isn’t a scientist. But in her academic studies and her years working directly with Jewish young adults...
Koach Baruch Frazier

Philly Faces: Koach Baruch Frazier

For a time, Koach Baruch Frazier felt spiritual, but disconnected from religion. That all changed after taking a college course on world religions. Coming out...
Benji Pollock

Philly Faces: Benji Pollock Rides Solo

When Benji Pollock got back from a coast-to-coast bike trip, he longed for more. In the summer of 2015, he rode with a team from...
Dot Levine

Philly Faces: Dot Levine Shares Ukulele Love

A ukulele isn’t a hard thing to describe. Picture a guitar, but small. However, size can be misleading, as the shorthand for the cute...
Ben Zauzmer

Philly Faces: And the Oscar (Prediction) Goes to … Ben Zauzmer

There’s much fun to be had in arguing about who should win an Academy Award. “Joker” or “Little Women” for Best Picture? Quentin Tarantino...