Eileen Brill is a white woman with long, strawberry blond or light brown hair. She is outside and smiling at the camera.

Cheltenham Author to Publish Debut Novel

For authors, ideas for a story seem to come from thin air — a spontaneous idea, a line from a remembered conversation. For Eileen...

Joshua Cohen’s Satirical Novel ‘The Netanyahus’ Wins Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

The 2022 Pulitzer Prize in fiction went to “The Netanyahus."
A book cover shows the bottom half of the page in yellow, the top half in black. A simply drawn girl points to the cover of the book in the middle of the page.

“Let There Be Light” Finds Meaning Between the Lines

Liana Finck’s “Let There Be Light: The Real Story of Her Creation” is hardly the first time a mere mortal has reinterpreted the story...
Joel Burcat is a white man with thick-rectangular glasses and quarter-zip sweater. He is standing in a book store and posing with his book.

Last Word: Creating a Protagonist with Joel Burcat

Joel Burcat claims he didn’t base his protagonist Mike Jacobs on himself, but the similarities are undoubtedly there. Both are environmental lawyers, Jewish and attended...

‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,’ Decried for its Holocaust Inaccuracies, Is Getting a...

A best-selling children’s novel that the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum has said “should be avoided by anyone who studies or teaches about the history of the Holocaust” is getting a sequel.

Book Suggests Alexander Hamilton Was Jewish

Andrew Porwancher is uncomfortable drawing comparisons between himself and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Books: ‘Last Resort’s Slow, Satisfying Suspense

"Last Resort" Andrew Lipstein Farrar, Straus and Giroux At my alma mater Bryn Mawr College — only a mile away from its cousin Haverford College, where both...

Dvora Hacohen, Joshua Cohen, Dara Horn Win Big at 2021 National Jewish Book Awards

Dvora Hacohen’s biography of Hadassah founder Henriette Szold won two honors, including Jewish Book of the Year, from the Jewish Book Council in their annual awards list.
Four characters deep in a tunnel are staring at the reader. On the left are two Israeli archeologists, on the right, two Palestinians.

Books: ‘Tunnels’ Digs for Complicated Truth

“Tunnels” Rutu Modan Drawn & Quarterly In graphic novelist Rutu Modan’s most recent work “Tunnels,” published on Nov. 2 by Drawn & Quarterly, archaeologist Nili is hardly...

From ‘Tree of Sorrow’ to Family Trees: Passing Down Holocaust Memories

Richard Bank’s pocket watch, given to him by his grandfather and Shoah survivor Ludwig Frank, hasn’t kept time for decades, save for two occasions. The...