Gift Guide 2021: Prepare for Early Chanukah


With Chanukah sneaking up on us early this year, starting Nov. 28, we’re just lucky the holiday is eight days long, giving procrastinators a wide window to order their gifts in time for at least that final night.

Dillydallyers, this is your sign to put off Chanukah shopping no more. Here’s a list of last-minute gifts that are sure to please. 

Courtesy of Masterclass

Masterclass Annual Membership

If you’re worried about what to get the person who has it all, supply chain delays or you’ve just run out of wrapping paper, go with the gift of knowledge this Chanukah. Masterclass members have access to more than 100 classes across 11 categories. Learn to act from Natalie Portman, cook from Yotam Ottolenghi or lead a business from Howard Schultz. Buy a membership starting at $15 a month at

Courtesy of Embark

Embark DNA Test for Dogs

With the growing popularity of DNA kits like 23andMe to trace Jewish ancestry, Embark wants to do the same for your furry family members. By processing a small mouth swap, Embark can identify the breed of your pooch and whether they have relatives who have also used Embark. Whether your canine is a Pekingese, German Shepherd or mutt, rest assured knowing that no matter what, your dog is 100% Jewish. You can buy it for $149 at 

Courtesy of Milk Bar

The Milk Bar Sampler

From two-Michelin star restaurant Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City and two-time James Beard Award winner Christina Tosi comes the Milk Bar Sampler. The sampler comes with three-packs of birthday and chocolate birthday truffles, a slice of Milk Bar pie and a six-pack of assorted cookies — a break from Chanukah’s fried-food tradition, but delicious nonetheless. The $54 box is available at

Courtesy of CookNSolo

CookNSolo Gift Card

If your gift recipient is still chasing after restaurants with that James Beard pedigree, snag a gift card for a CookNSolo restaurant from three-time James Beard Award-winners Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook. To boot, Laser Wolf was just named as one of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s “Craig Laban’s Top 10” restaurants in Philadelphia in 2021. And maybe be extra proactive and snag a reservation as well, so your loved one isn’t sitting down to their free dinner deep into 2022. Gift cards start at $15 at

Courtesy of National Museum of American Jewish History

Dreidel Roulette

If the Yud-Gimmel-Hey-Shin-schtick has gotten boring after years of dreidel-playing, up the ante with Dreidel Roulette. By spinning the dreidel in the center of the table, the dreidel will knock the game’s wooden balls into numbered and colored cavities. And you could make the argument that chocolate gelt looks an awful lot like chips … The game can accommodate infinite players (in theory) and is an economical $26 at

Courtesy of National Bobblehead Hall of Fame

Bobblehead Dreidel and Menorah

Nontraditional dreidels are coming in hot this year, and the top from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame can check boxes for bobblehead and dreidel collectors alike. To match, buy a bobblehead menorah with nine bobbing flames atop the candles. Both are limited edition, so order them now for $25 a pop at

Courtesy of Nidra

Nidra Deep Sleep Eye Mask

I’m a poor sleeper who came from a long line of poor sleepers, but a sleep mask really changed the game for me. Now that the sun is peeking through the blinds a little earlier than it was last month, the Nidra Eye Mask could be instrumental in helping you sleep until your alarm goes off — and not a second sooner. With domed eye cups that shut out light and won’t irritate your eyelashes, this eye mask will hopefully help you catch some Zs. It’s $10.99 exclusively on

Courtesy of Nestle

Nestle Nespresso Milk Frother

To make those early mornings even easier, check out the crème de la crème for cream. The stay-at-home orders of the pandemic have meant that folks have become their own baristas, and the Nespresso Milk Frother joins the ranks of countertop espresso makers and coffee bean grinders that help turn one’s home into their favorite cafe. Practice your latte art and learn to make a heart, a swan or a portrait of your spouse. These milk frothers are $99 on

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

“Grist: A Practical Guide to Cooking Grains, Beans, Seeds, and Legumes”

We all know that beans are the magical fruit, so you might as well make yourself a magician by learning to cook them. Written by “Ruffage” author Abra Berens, photographed by EE Berger and illustrated by Lucy Engelman, “Grist” transforms these humble kitchen staples into more than 125 dishes with 300 variations, just in time for the growing interest in plant-based and sustainable cooking. Snag the hardback copy for $32.20 at

Courtesy of Penguin Random House

“Goodnight Bubbula: A Joyful Parody”

Written by Sheryl Haft and illustrated by Jill Weber, “Goodnight Bubbula” is perhaps a lighter read than the aforementioned cookbook. A parody of the classic “Goodnight Moon,” this children’s book sets out to teach kids a bissel Yiddish that will make all the bubbes and zeydes kvell. Plus, the book includes Ina Garten’s latke recipe, which seems like a worthy purchase all by itself. Find the book at the National Museum of American Jewish History Gift Store for $17.99 at

Courtesy of Paper Source

Chanukah Penguin Party Crackers

Vaccinated and boosted, it’s finally the year to celebrate the Festival of Lights together with family and friends. Kickoff the party with these Penguin Party Crackers, each filled with a surprise toy. Get a pack of eight for $26.99 at; 215-832-0741


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