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With friends like Chuck Schumer (“Schumer’s Speech,” March 21), we don’t need enemies.
Bowing to the anti-Israel far left “progressives” now dominating the Democratic Party, Schumer capitulated to keep his personal power.

Hamas has stated that its mission is to kill every Jew. The full embrace of this is reflected in the recorded phone call of one of the joyous Oct. 7 murderers:”Dad, I killed 10 Jews with my own hands!”

That thinking is why the brutality was so overwhelming — not simply killing but hideous torture before death.

The world is on fire with wars and threats of more wars, yet Schumer devoted 40 minutes to criticizing Israel. What a disgrace. He provided more fodder for our enemies and more dangers for the Jewish people.

Roberta E. Dzubow, Plymouth Meeting


  1. Biden wanted his “come to Jesus moment” and Schumer responded by providing it for him. Don’t believe for a second that this was Schumer’s idea nor that Biden was surprised by what Schumer said, this was pre-planned by Biden’s handlers to shore up the Muslim in vote in Michigan in November. Schumer was willing to roll over Israel and Netanyahu for petty party politics. If it works Hamas survives to continue it’s genocide against the Jewish state and Israel is weakened in the Middle East.


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