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Your editorial of March 24, “Presidential Candidates Trolling for Dollars,” questioned the appropriateness of former President Trump’s fundraising being used for his litigation costs. The reported allocation leads one to wonder why someone of such wealth needs others to provide additional financial support for legal defense expenses and uses campaign contributions to do so. The subject is not as simple as it appears.

In a way not normally thought of, the funding of President Biden’s campaign not only is meant to protect America from the Democrat partisan-held view of a projected inevitable loss of democracy with a Trump victory but also, in a way, provides for Biden’s legal defense. His supporters speak of a future Trump administration taking revenge against the administration he would replace.

The external revenge threat, a part of the Biden campaign funding argument, however, has been and is directed against Trump and branded in the name of justice.

What is overlooked in the editorial is the more important partisan-driven nature of the current lawsuits, creating such enormous legal costs.

Are the lawsuits and rulings something we would expect in a rabbinical court? Would judges and prosecutors present themselves as they have in a rabbinical court?

The trolling is what the party establishment has put in place to fund a candidate’s visibility and message. All candidates choose to use fundraising dollars in the best interests of moving their campaign forward.

Without court costs to pay for by Trump, Biden commercials would have more fact-checking rebuttals aired to give the electorate a different perspective of the current state of the union.

Rick Koven, King of Prussia


  1. These election-timed legal attacks on Trump are likely coordinated and designed to handicap the ex-president. The timing and frivolous nature of the charges along with the placement of the trials in the middle of the campaign, point to the goal of forcing him to pay huge sums of money and time in legal battles instead of advancing his election campaign. This is election interference initiated by the Democrats and aided by biased and corrupt judges and D.A.s. It’s also a short circuiting of the democratic process by using the legal system to attack an opponent for the highest office of the land and by doing so, denying the debate of the issues that the public deserves. Demonizing, using fake legal charges and using the legal ,system to campaign is a sign of desperation and a lack of rational policies to run a campaign on. It’s also a sign of a lack of a moral compass.


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