BZBI Hit With Hateful Graffiti

BZBI surveillance video of women spray-painting hateful messages. Screenshot from 6 ABC

Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel in Center City was hit March 24 when two women spray-painted hateful messages on the sidewalk outside the synagogue, 6 ABC reported.

Surveillance video from BZBI showed two women with stencils spray-painting the messages, which have since been blacked out, at 18th and Spruce streets.

Synagogue Executive Director Lynne Balaban told 6 ABC that she called Philadelphia Police the next morning when the graffiti was discovered.

“You should never feel unwelcome in your home or in your community,” Balaban said. “Oh, it’s horrifying. it’s an invasion and we felt violated … We’re tired. We’re exhausted of being targets. We’ve had bomb threats. We’ve had the spray painting. We’ve had posters put on street poles around us.”

Philadelphia police detectives are investigating the incident. If the women shown in the video are found, they face criminal charges including ethnic intimidation.


  1. Should they find these women, what then? Nothing to very little. This Jew hatred forms on and spews out of the universities and that’s where it has to be constantly confronted.


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