Water Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer


Big Blue Swim School is diving into Paoli, PA this September and encourages families to practice water safety.

Summer has just begun, and families are gearing up for water-filled adventures and activities. While enjoying the water is thrilling, ensuring our little ones’ safety is always a top priority. The unfortunate reality is that drowning is a leading cause of death for children under 14. However, the positive news is that formal swimming lessons from a trained instructor, school or organization can reduce the chance of drowning by 88%.

To help local families get summer swim ready Big Blue Swim School, opening in Paoli, PA this September, is sharing water safety tips, which are easily remembered by the SAFER acronym:

  • Swim with a buddy and designate a Water Watcher: Identify an adult in your group who keeps a close eye on swimmers and rotate that person every 30 minutes to avoid supervision fatigue.
  • Acquire CPR and first aid training: Parents and caregivers are encouraged to take CPR and first aid training with a reputable group such as the American Red Cross, enabling them to respond quickly and confidently in case of injury.
  • Find and reduce water hazards: Install fencing, locks and alarms around water if you have a pool at home, don’t leave toys or items of interest near the water and ensure proper fitting life jackets are available for any water activities.
  • Enroll in swim lessons to improve your skills: The CDC notes that formal swim lessons reduce drowning by 88%, making year-round formal swim lessons the best way to help a child be ready around the water.
  • Respond fast and call 911 for emergencies: A drowning incident isn’t always obvious, making closer supervision essential for any water activity. Ensure the Water Watcher can respond quickly and dial 911 in case of emergency.

Want to learn more about how to keep your kids safe around water? Big Blue Swim School Paoli is coming this September and offers swimming lessons to transform kids into safe and confident swimmers. Our professional swim instructors are eager to teach your little ones in our welcoming and stress-free environment. Most importantly, they encourage kids to have fun and enjoy the process of learning the invaluable life skill of swimming. Stay tuned for updates on the opening and register for lessons today! https://bigblueswimschool.com/locations/pennsylvania/paoli


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