Shaping Jewish Future with Education

Supporting high-quality Jewish education inside and outside of the classroom instills a foundation in Jewish values and learning for generations to come. Courtesy of Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Jewish education is essential to upholding traditions and values while building a foundation for future leaders to carry the light of Judaism forward. The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia invests in immersive educational and experiential opportunities that create profound connections to Judaism and the communities.

 According to the 2019 Jewish Community Portrait survey, of Jewish Households in Greater Philadelphia with children: 9% attend Jewish early childhood education, 13% attend Hebrew school and 15% utilize Jewish day care.

Jewish day schools instill a strong foundation of Jewish values and inspiration for the next generation of leaders through academically challenging environments for students to become thought leaders in the wider world.

“I believe supporting Jewish education can have a huge impact on strengthening future Jewish generations,” said Ariel Shore Miller, a Jewish Federation NextGen Board Member.

Each year, the Jewish Federation is proud to make the following impact for students within the Greater Philadelphia community:

  • $1.25 million-plus distributed through grants based on a weighted student per capita model to nine local Jewish Day Schools as well as the OROT special needs program, filling a critical philanthropic gap between tuition income and the true cost to run a quality Jewish Day School.
  • $16 million raised for need-based scholarships through Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development’s EITC and OSTC programs managed by the Foundation for Jewish Day Schools.

The Jewish Federation also supports adult Jewish education programs, such as the South Philadelphia Shtiebel, a modern Orthodox shul and an innovative spiritual home for many. Its Beit Midrash program has consistently offered weekly online adult Jewish education on the Talmud, Tanakh and foundations of Judaism.

And finally, the Jewish Federation promotes and increases formal and informal Jewish educational opportunities for teenagers, including immersive experiences, such as youth groups through financial support:

  • $95,000-plus for support of Jewish youth groups
  • $15,000-plus in teen incentive grants across six organizations (CTeens, USY, NFTY, Tzofim, BBYO and NSCY)



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