IDF Raids Khan Yunis Base Where Hamas Terrorists Trained for Oct. 7

IDF Givati Brigade forces during a targeted raid on the headquarters of Hamas’s Yhan Yunis Brigade in southern Gaza on Feb. 4 (IDF via

Israeli forces have raided the headquarters of Hamas’s Khan Yunis Brigade, which served as a training facility for the terrorists who participated in the Oct. 7 massacre, the military said on Sunday evening.

The “Al-Qadsia” compound contained “significant training areas,” including mock-ups of the entrance gates to Israeli kibbutzim, military bases and IDF armored vehicles.

Additionally, Givati Brigade troops located the office of Mohammad Sinwar—the brother of Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar. Mohammad Sinwar is a leader of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s “military wing.”

Khan Yunis, Gaza’s second-largest city, is regarded as a personal stronghold of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. The mastermind of the Oct. 7 massacre is considered Israel’s top target in Gaza, along with Mohammed Deif, the commander of Izz ad-Din al-Kassam.

Soldiers entering the area found that the compound was extensively booby-trapped. Combat engineers neutralized the explosives.

Soldiers also breached the central war room of the Khan Yunis Brigade and the offices of its senior officers. Additionally, the base contained rocket storage facilities and tunnel shafts leading to underground tunnel routes.

A workshop for manufacturing weapons and tunnel infrastructure was found, along with many weapons, including anti-tank missiles, RPGs, light machine guns, explosives, grenades, ammunition and more.

“The Givati Brigade combat team raided the flagship position and training center used by the Khan Yunis Brigade and destroyed it. This is a very significant compound, where many weapons were found. In addition, the brigade is operating resolutely in western Khan Yunis and is succeeding in driving the terrorists out of their hiding places every day,” said Givati Brigade commander Lt. Col. Liron Bitito.

“I am proud to lead a brigade like Givati in this war. The current generation has proven to be no less committed and moral than previous generations. The Givati Brigade will continue to be wherever needed and anywhere we are asked [to be],” he continued.

The Israeli military continues to press its offensive in Khan Yunis, killing dozens of Hamas terrorists who tried to ambush soldiers in the city in the past 24 hours, the IDF said on Monday.

An Israeli fighter jet struck a Hamas terror cell inside a structure preparing to attack soldiers with explosives.

Separately, a terrorist carrying explosive devices near IDF troops was identified and struck by an aircraft. Secondary explosions were seen, indicating explosive devices in his possession.

In western Khan Yunis, Israeli forces troops continue to battle terrorist operatives and conduct targeted raids on terrorist targets. Soldiers killed dozens of terrorists who tried to ambush the troops throughout the city.

While Israeli forces continue the intensive assault on Khan Yunis, Hamas is attempting to reestablish itself in areas of the Gaza Strip from which troops have withdrawn. This has prompted the IDF to conduct air strikes and targeted raids to quell any resurgence by the terrorist group in the territory that it previously administered.


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