Local News

Swastika, Antisemitic Flyers Found in Warrington

Antisemitic incidents have spiked in the Philadelphia area since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel. There have been complaints about more than 100...

National News

Henry Kissinger, Influential First Jewish Secretary of State, Dies at 100

Henry Kissinger, the first Jewish secretary of state ...

Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt: Confronting and Combating Global Antisemitism

A world-renowned expert on antisemitism and the grave danger ...


I Believed Diverse Coalitions Would Benefit Jewish Women. Now I Fear We Were All...

I am the executive director of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance ...

Something Is Rotten in the State of Higher Education

Having already attended many forums discussing antisemitism ...

I Survived a Pogrom in Iraq 82 Years Ago. I Know Where Hamas’...

When I saw the photos and videos posted by Hamas murdering ...

Preparing for a Post-Oct. 7 World

In the aftermath of the Hamas pogrom of Oct. 7
Closeup of letters on writing desk at home

Letters: Self-righteous Blindness, Blame Game

Those campaigning as Jewish Voice for Peace ...


‘Maestro’ Features Plenty of Local Ties

The new movie “Maestro,” which tells the life story ...

Kibbitz: Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera Among Actors Facing Blowback for View on Israel, Jews

The star of a blockbuster horror franchise

Comedians Defend Israel the Best Way They Know How: Make ’Em Laugh

In his viral video on social media after the Hamas attack on Israel ...

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“Jews worldwide haven’t been this fearful in living memory”

Two decades ago, the former British Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, astutely likened antisemitism to a constantly evolving virus. One that, in the modern...

Water Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Summer

Big Blue Swim School is diving into Paoli, PA this September and encourages families to practice water safety. Summer has just begun, and families are...

Hamas Claims Jerusalem Shooting Attack That Kills 3 as Gaza Truce Is Narrowly Extended

Hamas has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack in the Ramot neighborhood

16 More Hostages Are Freed as Netanyahu Vows to Resume War at Truce’s End

Twelve more Israelis have been freed from Gaza ...

Bensalem Synagogue Receives Pro-Israel Gesture from Nearby Church

In Bensalem, Congregation Tifereth Israel and the Christian Life Church are around the corner from each other. Yet until recently, they had no relationship....