What We Remember About I. Goldberg


I. Goldberg, which closed last week, has created memories for generations of Philadelphians. It was a place to peruse well-priced and unusual goods. It was a place to sometimes just hang out. And who could forget the store’s most distinctive smell? 

This is what prompted to Editor-in-Chief Liz Spikol to reach out to the (Mostly) Center City Kids Facebook group and ask: What are some of your memories?

A Facebook post asking for memories of I. Goldberg

And memories there were. Dozens upon dozens of them. Here are just a few.

1.The 20-year-old bungee cord

a Facebook post that mentions a bungee cord that lasted more than 20 years

  1. Gunshots or moths?

a long Facebook post about a variety of childhood memories at I. Goldberg

  1. Leather jacket emergencies

a post about a high schooler saving up money to buy a leather jacket

  1. Handling grenades

a post about buying camping supplies and seeing grenades and knives at the store

  1. Reaching all the way to Australia

a post about seeing an I. Goldberg shirt in a documentary from Australia

  1. A prized possession

a post about a thermometer key chain being a prized possession

  1. Cool grunge clothes

a post about buying affordable cool grunge clothes

8. Raincoats for Eagles games

a post about buying yellow rain coats for Eagles games and work boots for $10

9. The 30-year-old boots

a post about a pair of boots that have lasted since 1985

10. All that… and the smell

a list of memories including buying different clothing and the smell and sound of the store


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